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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by KMJ Recordings, Dec 8, 2006.

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    KMJ Recordings has accepted an invitation from the National Association of Brass Band Conductors (NABBC) to give a presentation at their Annual Convention in February 2007, with the general subject of how to prepare for, and get the most out of a recording session.

    The format is likely to be a Powerpoint presentation that is illustrated with audio examples, followed by Q&A. However, should any of you be members of the NABBC and attending the meeting (or Band members who's Conductor will be in attendance) I'm more than happy to address questions you may have as part of the formal presentation. As such you can either post things you'd like to hear answers to in this thread, PM me with them or email to the usual address.

    Merry Christmas! :icon_biggrin:
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    Hi Keith
    I look forward to your presentation at the NABBC convention. I'm at the convention giving a presentation on conducting so see you in the bar. I've been a member of the NABBC since I was a student and have enjoyed all the conventions, you will have a great time.

    I urge all conductors, particulary young conductors to apply for membership and attend the annual convention where you meet with some of the top names in banding such as Dr Roy Newsome, David Read, Colin Hardy etc.

    Happy Christmas and Happy New Year
  4. KMJ Recordings

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    Nice to meet you yesterday and thanks for the use of the projector - hopefully people got something out of the session.

    If there's anyone out there that wants a copy of the presentation (it's a self running Powerpoint presentation on CD - you don't need Powerpoint to view it - it's PC only I'm afraid). then drop me a PM. It covers such things as Budgets, repertoire, preparation for and what happens on and after the sessions and a bit of marketing.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't contain the audio examples for licence reasons.
  5. brassneck

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    Steve, I hope everything went to plan!
  6. StevePJ

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    Hi Brassneck

    It was a great convention, very well organised by Eric Haines vice-chairman of no 4 area of the NABBC. Excellent accomodation, great food, lovely real ale and great company. Now the convention is over for another year its time for Regional Contests so good luck to everyone taking part.
  7. StevePJ

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    Great presentation - well done. It was very clear you know your stuff. We all found the talk very helpful. Thank you
  8. brassneck

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    What was all covered in this year's convention? Keith, was your presentation part of a bigger picture such as band preparation?
  9. KMJ Recordings

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    It was to an extent (but it was standalone, not part of other material)

    It was an attempt to present a holistic picture of everything involved in a CD project from planning and budget stages, through selecting people and venues to work with, repertoire selection / commission, rehearsal strategy and the 'extra things' you need to practice (such as red light etiquette and so on). There was a short audio section that was designed to address things like how music wil sound if you record it differently (i.e. how different mic techniques that may be employed by different Companies will sound - and it may not be like the more mainstream CDs you're used to), and also some mocked up things that can go wrong in sessions. Bits and pieces on marketing....that kind of stuff.

    In my opinion, the MDs of Bands are an essential part of the whole project and as such should may be made aware of some of the potential issues that occasionally manifest as a percieved gulf in quality between the recordings made by the 'big boys' and others. Hopefully the material I presented will give people some idea of the things that their Band can address to make their project more of a success.
  10. KMJ Recordings

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    Cheers :D
  11. brassneck

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    Was there a good turnout this year?
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  13. KMJ Recordings

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    There were quite a few familiar faces floating around - I've no idea how it compares to other events, though,
  14. StevePJ

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    Hi again Brassneck

    The convention included a session with Howard Evans and the Gillingham Band talking about rehearsing a band for the first time on a test piece, Tabby Clegg gave a presentation on marketing a band and grant applications/fund raising etc, I gave a conductors master class and talk on management role from the MDs perspective as all conductors know ten percent of conducting is actually conducting the remainder is man management. The convention also included a question time in the style of the BBC programme of the same name the panel included an MP, Stan Lippeat, Brian Buckley and myself with Walter Ritchie (NABBC National Chairman) as chairman. Questions were taken on all aspects of brass banding. The final talk was given by Keith from KMJ Recordings talking about how to prepare a band for a recording and techniques used. He also covered the very important costing issues and sales tecniques. Durring the weekend the NABBC AGM was held and on the Saturday evening the NABBC held its annual dinner with a fantastic after dinner speak Stan Lippeat who had everyone laughing from start to finish.
  15. brassneck

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    It seems very well structured with something for everyone, experienced or aspiring. Nice work!

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