Kiveton Community Woodland Brass Festival 2012

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    The 4th Kiveton Brass Festival will take place on Sunday, 15th July 2012 at Kiveton Park Community Woodland, S26 6RP.

    he contest is open to all 3rd / 4th Section, Youth and Ungraded bands and the format is an entertainment programme lasting not more than 20 minutes. Inclusion of a hymn, march and soloist is optional but if included these will be adjudicated for their individual awards.

    Contest will commence at 11 a.m. and bands will play in an open fronted marquee situated in a natural amphitheatre .

    Adjudication will be open

    Contest entry is limited to twelve bands and will be pre-drawn to allow bands to plan their day.

    Applications are invited from interested bands. Please contact for further information, entry form etc.


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    I ommitted to include in the above post that the brass festival is organised by the Yorkshire and Humberside Brass Band Association in partnership with Forestry Commission, England.

    President, YHBBA.
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    The closing date for entries is fast approaching. There are still some places available. If you have details and intend to enter, please do so at earliest opportunity.

    Please contact me at if your band is interested in entering this event and want details.

    The band will perform an own choice entertainment programme lasting not more that 20 minutes. Inclusion of a hymn, march and soloist is optional but if included these will be adjudicated for their individual awards.

    Prizes available : £250 for 1[SUP]st [/SUP]Place, £150 for 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] place and £75 for 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] place. Trophies for 1[SUP]st[/SUP], 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] and 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] places, best March, best Hymn, best soloist; most entertaining band and most entertaining item. £75 and trophy for the best 4[SUP]th[/SUP] sect/unreg/youth band not in the first three places. For 2012 a benefactor has donated £300 which will be awarded as £100 each for best hymn, march and soloist in addition to their trophy.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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    Cancelled - Kiveton Community Woodland Brass Festival 2012.

    With regret the Forestry Commission, England have been in contact to inform that the financial support they were dependant upon to ensure this event was viable has not been forthcoming and as a consequence they have taken the decision that the festival will not go ahead for this year.

    This is very disappointing for all concerned but unfortunately I feel this is a consequence of the financial constraints everyone is experiencing at the moment. We have to remain hopeful that things will improve and that the event can take place in 2013.

    Sincere thanks to all bands for their interest in the event and apologies for any inconvenience this cancellation may cause.

    Peggy Tomlinson.
    Contest Administrator.

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    Peggy that is a real shame. As I was talking to Gavin somerset yesterday and said we were looking at entering but were just checking holidays etc.

    Hope it is back next year and for all those bands interested in an entertainment contest around June/ July . We are still accepting entries for the 6th battle of the bands contest on the 17th June in Staveley Chesterfield 15 mins from Kiveton. Open to 3rd/4th unreg bands for more details get in touch with great prize money.

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