Kirklees Composition Competition - Peel Hall 1pm Wed 5th March

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  1. University of Salford

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    Peru Street, Salford
    Kirklees Composition Competition

    University of Salford Brass Band
    Directed by Brett Baker

    Peel Hall (M5 4WT)

    Wednesday 5[SUP]th[/SUP] March

    Admission: FREE

    Panel: David & Graham Horsfield, Dr Robin Dewhurst, Dan Price & Brett Baker

    Students from the University present their latest compositions for the chance of publication and an award from Kirklees Music.

    Previous entrants include: Dan Price, Ludovic Neurohr, Martin Bjornland, Richard Rock who have gone on to write for top bands at Brass in Concert, the Europeans and many brass and wind festivals across the world.
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