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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by flugelman, Mar 4, 2003.

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    A big thanks to Brian Butler, who has stepped into the Flugel seat for the finals (at least?!). The rep position is still available and, although we have one or two irons in the fire to cover it for Harrogate, we would much rather welcome a permanent player, so get in touch!
    We are also still keen to recruit some good long-term percussion.
    Finally, the position of Musical Director is now formally advertised - see separate post below.
  2. andyfake

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    Musical Director

    The Kippax Band wishes to invite applications for the position of Musical Director. The band is currently preparing for the National Finals (2nd Section), under the baton of Alan Morrison, and would like to have a new permanent conductor in position ready to defend its Pontin's title in November.
    The band has tasted renewed success in the contesting field recently and also carries out a good range of concert engagements. The new MD will require experience and enthusiasm in both these areas as the band continues to strive to improve its position. The band enjoys an excellent, friendly atmosphere and owns its own social club, in which 4-5 concerts per year are performed.
    To apply, please forward your CV to the secretary as detailed below. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

    Keith Fairburn
    Secretary, The Kippax Band
    3 The Square
    LS25 7NL​
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    Thanks to all those who have responded to the MD vacancy above. As has been explained to the applicants, our commitments up to Harrogate mean that the selection process is likely to take a bit longer than usual.
    Therefore, if anyone else is interested, you still have time to respond but please be aware that we will start discussing applications in the next week or so, even though the actual appointment may take a while to announce.
    Hope that makes sense!:-?
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    Percussion - Flugel - Repiano

    A couple of weeks ago all these were filled - we'd even bought a new uniform for one of them!

    However, nothing in life is certain, except that occasionally people let you down!

    So.....if you're handy with drums, cornet or flugel, get in touch. We've some good concerts coming up, plus Pontins, Butlins and the Areas. Our points tally means that even though we finished 5th in the National Finals, we remain in the 2nd Section next year and, needless to say, we want to take it by storm!

    We are a very sociable and friendly band, who look to play well together and move the band forward as a team. New MD to be appointed after Pontins - these are exciting times, so get involved!!
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    Pleased to report that "Jacko" has agreed to stay on and do as much as he can on the back line (sense of deja vu here ;) ). This makes the rep position a little less critical, although another cornet player would be very welcome and could be fitted in various seats according to ability/ambition.

    Which leaves:




    With the announcement of a new MD imminent, we are looking to get the line-up for next year settled nice and early. Given this year's fantastic performances and results, we really want that "area" title in March so get in touch and help make it happen!
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    Still a bit of shuffling around to do as we settle on a line-up for next year. We now have a full cornet section, although with a couple of "part-timers" in there, we wouldn't be averse to doubling up if a good player wanted to come in.
    We are still advertising for a Flugel (though hopeful of filling this shortly),
    Percussion (full time section leader - kit or tuned, perhaps a bit of both?!), Bass (Eb or BBb) and now also for a 2nd Horn.
    Our new MD, Russell Gray, starts this week and we are obviously keen to fill these seats with the right players as quickly as possible.
    We have a very good atmosphere within the band, a good balance of concerts and contests and this year's results are not too shoddy:
    1st at Derby and Buxton,
    2nd at Butlins, Tameside and the Area
    3rd at Pontins
    5th at the Nationals
    Highest ranked 2nd Section band in England (4br)
    The points situation means we just missed out on promotion this year, so we get another crack at the 2nd Section titles before we, hopefully, make it back into the 1st Section.
    So, if you can fit any of the above vacancies, enjoy sociable banding and like going onto the contest stage knowing you're in with a real chance of winning, please get in touch!
  7. andyfake

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    Basses Basses Basses!
    Hopefully by now you've all enjoyed contributing to Steve Butler's retirement thread/personal tribute site (bet Pete Roberts doesn't feel the need to start his own!) ;) .
    Seriously though, good luck to Steve and we do hope to see you again soon. In the meantime, this all means the "principal" bass seat is up for grabs and we would welcome applications from competent and committed bass players of either persuasion. A combination of part-timers and potential retirees (well, Wilkie reckons he's getting on a bit!), means that we can be flexible enough to offer Eb and/or BBb to suitable players.
    Come and join our "engine room"!
  8. steve butler

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    I believe Pete Roberts has retired from banding, I have just retired from Kippax. I hoped the thread might help to publicise the dire need of competent bass players at Kippax, hopefully a bit younger than me and old father wilky.
    Maybe I should add a couple of dozen lines to my tmp signature as a REAL personal tribute eh? ;)
  9. iancwilx

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    Too true - Could you all please form an orderly queue to take over my chair with this excellent bunch of successful and sociable banders.
    The 18th December will be the 50th anniversary of my first brass music lesson and I'm still learning!!!
    After 18 happy years at Kippax it's about time I made way for younger blood and became an observer rather than a participant.
    This a smashing opportunity for an aspiring ambitious Bass player.
    I will of course be "Holding the Fort" until you make your mind up !!
    - Wilkie
  10. andyfake

    andyfake Member

    We are now only short of a BBb Bass player and, while we would of course welcome any last minute/unregistered volunteers for the "Area", realistically we are looking for applicants with a view to starting after the area contests - so please get in touch!
    On the percussion front, everything is in place for Bradford, but post-area, we would still like to sign a good full time kit player - over to you drummers!!
  11. andyfake

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    Basses Basses Basses!

    Well the percussion front is looking a bit rosier, but where are those pesky basses?
    Ideally, we could do with one of each flavour (and this would include the "principal" seat if that sort of thing matters to you!). We currently have an Eb who's moved from bass trombone, so needs a mate and a BBb who's trying to get off shifts to give more commitment.
    There's a full band of cracking players sitting in front of this depleted bass-line, but we'd really like to hear a bit more coming from the back!
    Come on you lot - you know it makes sense!
  12. andyfake

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    Baritone Player Required

    Our long serving solo baritone player, Lee Fairburn, will be stepping down this summer, so we are now searching for a suitable replacement. There is actually the flexibility to appoint to either the 1st or 2nd seat, depending on your ability, ambition, etc.
    Lee has made the baritone very much a solo instrument within the band, so if you feel like an undervalued radiator blower, this could be the seat for you!
    As usual, please contact via pm or phone Colin Moss on 01977 709901. All enquiries in complete confidence.
  13. agentorange

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    Wow! I always thought Lee would be there 'till old age!! Is he off to another band or just taking a break?

    Hope you find a suitable replacement, and all the best to Lee in whatever he decides to do.
  14. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    As Flugelman would say "he'll be back"
    All the best Lee
  15. andyfake

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    Current Vacancies:

    Repiano Cornet (Jacko's on bass - really - and before you say anything Mr Butler, he's doing rather well!;) )
    Solo Baritone (2nd says he would rather stay there and get a right good mate in)
    Eb and BBb Bass

    Looking around, we're in a better position than many others, and certainly in a better position than we were a couple of years ago just before we won lots of prizes! So, there's reasons to be optimistic, but we'd dearly love to get these seats permanently filled.

    Commitments this summer are pretty light, but we'll be looking to be settled and playing out of our skins by the time it gets to Pontins!

    Please note that the recently vacated MD position is not being formally advertised at the present time (but it might be in the future!)
  16. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    Can't stop myself (run for cover chaps)
    Dave!!!! You are going to have to put some of that timber back on again! You need to be a big brute of a man to play the bass (like me and wilky :wink:)
    You go for it Dave, its admirable that you are doing your bit for the band (tried to word that without sounding condescending which I definately aint)

    I can vouch wholeheartedly that any bass players thinking of joining the "mighty Kippis" will have a great time sat next to Jacko.
  17. iancwilx

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    And the unforgettable lime green curiously stained underpants.
    Tracey Emmin could arrange them tastefully with a couple of empty "Newky Brown" bottles as an art exhibit and make you millions !!.
    Go for it Jacko, I hope you enjoy playing EEb Bass as much as me and my Buddy do - it's so cuddly !!
    - Wilkie
  18. flugelman

    flugelman Member

    The lime green undies have gone!! Burnt after this year's areas result

    Yes I'am enjoying it Wilky!!!! Starting to make some progress a month on!!! Not sure I'm fit to step into yours or Butlers illustrious shoes. The only thing that would make it better would be if I had some more colleagues on the bass row.

    Come on you bass players- WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?

  19. flugelman

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    Kippax Band Vacancies Update

    The Kippax Band are currently looking for players to fill the following vacancies

    Solo/Back Row Cornet
    Eb/Bb Bass

    Actual positions available can be discussed on your expression of interest

    The Kippax Band are currently in an exciting period of development. We are just about to announce a new MD and also the signing of some new quality players. We wish to strengthen our ranks further to challenge for the second section contest at Pontins later in the year and also to push towards promotion to the first section at the Areas next March.

    We are based close to Leeds in West Yorkshire, with easy access from the A1/M62/M1. We are an extremely friendly band with a mutual ambition of enjoyment and success.

    If you are interested in joining the Band or would like some further information please PM me, or contact the Band Chairman- Colin Moss at

    I hope to hear from you soon

    David Jackson
    Kippax Band
  20. flugelman

    flugelman Member

    The Kippax Band would like to announce the return of a former player. Faye Thompson has decided to rejoin the Band on Soprano Cornet after a break of three years. We are delighted Faye has returned to the Band and she has already demonstrated her gifted playing and her dedication to the Band.

    We are however still looking for the following players:-

    Solo/Back Row Cornet
    Eb/Bb Bass

    Actual positions available can be discussed on your expression of interest.

    Please contact the Band Chairman- Colin Moss-, PM me or visit the band website at Full confidentiality is assured.

    David Jackson
    Kippax Band

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