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  1. andyfake

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    The Kippax Band are sorry to announce the departure of conductor Keith Wardle.
    Keith e-mailed the Chairman this week, citing the stress caused by concert preparation as his reason for not continuing with the band. After some discussion, the committee felt they had to accept Keith's resignation. Despite the disappointment felt at the suddenness and nature of Keith's departure, the band would like to place on record their thanks for Keith's work during what has been an unprecedented sequence of successes, including the Butlin's and Pontin's titles and qualification for the forthcoming National Finals. The position of Musical Director will be advertised in due course, but the band intends to continue its recent positive progress and, to this end, hopes to make an exciting announcement regarding the Finals in the next few days.
  2. Coxy

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    Yes it is a shame Keith has gone, he's given Kippax alot of success and in my own personal opinion, think it's a loss to the band. My own personal thanks to him, in the short time I've worked with him and echo Kippax's statement and wish him well for the future.

    Michael J. Cox
  3. iancwilx

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    I agree Michael. I think it's a terrible shame when the band has had such success under Keiths direction, and forged such a strong partnership.
    I'm quite speechless at present (Rare for me !) as I always considered Keith and Kippax integral to each other.
    I wish Keith all the very best for the future and hope he continues to have the success he so richly deserves.
    I actually have a feeling slightly akin to bereavement !!
    Good luck Keith,
    - Ian W.
  4. Teflon1961

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    I only had two years there...but two of the best. I like to think that Keith, Thelma and the "younger brother" are a great team, and I hope we will be again. Banding isn't the same for my right at this moment..

    Good luck to Keith, good luck to Kippax. Best wishes to Alan for the finals, looking forward to an exciting finale ... in my sig.."the good old days weren't all that good and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems.." Billy Joel, 1981

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