Kippax Contest News - Easy Night for Met

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by andyfake, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. andyfake

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    The Wakefield Metropolitan band will have a rather easier task than expected on Sunday, after both of their first round opponents withdrew from the Kippax Band Entertainment Contest. Frickley South Elmsall Band and Garforth Brass both cited player shortages as the reason for their late withdrawal, despite being offered replacements by the host band.
    Kippax Chairman Colin Moss expressed his disappointment that the bands were not willing to take advantage of the generous rules on borrowed players (up to six are allowed) and that the audience would be denied a potentially very interesting competition: "It's not supposed to be 'Brass in Concert'", he said. "We've tried to make it as easy as possible for bands to take part but in spite of this we have been let down very late in the day."
    Wakefield Met. will still, of course, have to perform under contest conditions to qualify and will receive a full adjudication, including eligibility for the 1st round soloist prize. The host band will fill the remainder of the evening with a concert programme. The entertainment starts at 8pm and is still anticipated to attract a healthy audience, so visitors are advised to come early.
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    Shame about the withdrawals. Don't let that put you off going to support though, both Wakey and Kippax will put on a quality show - it'll still be an entertaining evening. I'd be there myself if i wasn't at my band rehearsal (Sunday night rehearsals - who's daft idea was that!!).

    Anyway, hope the rest rest of the contest is a success.

  3. iancwilx

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    It really is a shame when bands pull out at short notice like this.
    When a band commits to do a contest it really should pull out all the stops to honour that committment.
    A lot of people have put a lot of time and effort into trying to make this contest a success, and perhaps even a regular event
    I hope these bands have good reasons for none attendance, because they have not only let down the organisers and the audience, but also themselves.
    - Wilky
  4. 2nd man down

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    real shame, similar thing happened when I depped with Dodworth in an earlier round, still a very enjoyable night tho, and a very friendly club to perform in. It has to be said tho, Wakey are a class outfit, and it would need an on form full strength band to beat them I reckon.
  5. zak

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    But don't you play for Kippax so presumably you would already know the reasons these 2 bands gave for withdrawl as your band runs the competition? How do you know that these 2 bands have not already pulled out all the stops to try to attend??? I think to say they are letting themselves down is a bit harsh to be honest without knowing the exact reasons given.

    Yes I do agree that it is very unfortunate that bands pull out at the last minute but let's not forget that most bands struggle to get players at the moment so this may be the reason. These bands might have been waiting as long as possible in the hope of filling the seats before letting the contest organiser know so perhaps we must forgive late withdrawl if this is the case.

    I have attended Kippax band club on a few occasions to listen and it's a very good night out so all who can get to support this worthy venture should.


  6. iancwilx

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    Hiya Shaun -
    You know what Committees are like!
    We poor, common, honest, ordinary, grass roots players are the last to find out anything !!
    Yes, I do agree with you, it's just that we try hard and then it all falls apart and we're gutted.
    Upward and onward is the cry !!
    Be nice to see you coming over again Shaun - you'd be very welcome
    Keep blowing
    - Wilky
  7. andyfake

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    Sorry if you "mere mortals" didn't get the full story Wilky! ;)

    I appreciate your comments and agree that we should feel sorry for (in no particular order):
    1. The audience
    2. The sponsor, who has put over a grand into this venture
    3. Bands who find themselves with no opposition
    4. You and others who have had to get a concert programme up at very short notice
    5. First Section bands who we turned away in order to give a reasonable chance of winning to bands who have now let us down.

    On the upside, when asked this week to recommend a band to the organisers of a well-paid summer concert series we take part in, our secretary had a pretty easy job in naming Wakefield Met!

    See you tonight!
  8. bumperman

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    Had a cracking night tonight guys. been nice to have competed against another band but eh i'm not bothered, semi final should be a cracker with us and dodworth, hopefully we'll both turn up!!

    Kippax sounded well, especially as though they only rehearsed their programme on Thursday!!! See you at areas and hopefully it will be the Met band and kippax getting to the finals! We deserve it!

    Feeling a bit battered now!! Can't go wrong with cheap beer!!
  9. andyfake

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    Cheers Rhys - glad you enjoyed it. Excellent solo too - I reckon you should be well in contention for the prize with that one.:clap:
  10. Teflon1961

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    Thanks for the comments Shaun, we always try to make folks welcome.

    Cracking solo Rhys... respect! ;) :clap:
  11. bumperman

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    Cheers Fakey and Teflon for your comments, very much appreciated. You sounded good too Teflon!!
  12. chiephonium

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    well done rhys....

    heard that solo a few times in germany last year , brought a tear to my eye several times ;)...

    take care mate - see you soon, maybe the areas, you staying to listen to champo section or whet?