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    The draw has been made for this year's Kippax Band Entertainment Contest. This has again been sponsored by Aqua Enviro Ltd and offers a prize fund in excess of £2000. Following a poor response from the "lower section" bands for whom the event was originally intended, the contest has been made "open" and this is very much reflected in the high quality of the seven bands entered.

    Three heats will take place, as detailed below, with the winners meeting in a three-way final on November 9th. All rounds take place at the Kippax Band Club, with an 8pm start.

    Heat One: Drighlington v Wakefield Metropolitan (April 13th)

    Heat Two: Barnsley Building Society v Harrogate v Old Silkstone (June 8th)

    Heat Three: EYMS v Pennine (July 13th)
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    Should be a cracker!
  3. iancwilx

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    Congratulations on pulling this together guys.
    It's taken the whole contest up another considerable notch and I'm sure it will become an established quality event in the banding calendar.
    A smashing return for a lot of hard work from dedicated people.
    Well done.
    - Wilkie
  4. JR

    JR Member seeding then?


    John R
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    Looking forward to it already.
  6. Straightmute

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    Does this mean that 1.33 bands from heat 2 qualify for the final?

  7. andyfake

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    Sadly, no Dave! There was the capacity for 3 bands per heat, but with only 7 confirmed entries, it all went down to the "luck of the draw" as to how many opponents you got - I'm sure you'll rise to the challenge!;)
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    Adjudicators Announced

    The Kippax Band have released details of the adjudication panel for this year's entertainment contest series. Each will adjudicate one contest, although it is not intended to announce the specific appointments in advance. The four adjudicators are Jim Davies, Stan Lippeatt, Alan Morrison and Peter Roberts.
    The first heat is Drighlington v Wakefield Met. on Sunday 13th April.
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    Joanne (wifey!) just got home after playing with drighlington at the Kippax contest. Just got a text saying they have won.

    Drighlington 1st
    Wakefield Met 2nd

    well done to all the guys and girls at drighlington
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    Seconded. Sure you guys are in the pub celebrating as I type! Hope your MD didnt end up saying the bandroom version of a title for any of the pieces!! PS. Paddo, say hi to joanne from me! :)
  11. trombone-john

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    Very well done to Kev and the band.
    An excellent performance.
    All the best for the final.
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    Kippax Entertainment Contest 2008

    Just to confirm:

    After an excellent opening heat, the Drighlington Band progressed to the November final of this year's Entertainment Contest, beating reigning champions Wakefield Metropolitan. It was very close though, with adjudicator Peter Roberts scoring it 192 points to 191.

    The next heat takes place on June 8th and is a three-way affair between Barnsley Building Society, Harrogate and Old Silkstone.
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    Congrats to Kev, Martin, Carl, Andy et al at Drig on your progression to the final. Hope to see you there!!
  14. Straightmute

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    Harrogate Band enjoyed the visit to Kippax this evening and look forward to returning for the final in November.

    Our programme:
    Final Hymn form Firebird - arr Farr
    Africa! - DL
    She Moved through the Fair (euph solo Craig Ratcliffe) - arr. DL
    Galop (from Little Suite no.2) - Malcolm Arnold
    Hot Toddy - arr. Geldard
    Madrigalum - Philip Sparke

    Thanks to all at Kippax Band for a great evening and to Barnsley Building Society and Old Silkstone for a good contest. Must remember not to drive next time!

  15. tubafran

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    Yes well done to Harrogate Band - only heard it from outside as it was just too hot in that room.

    BBSBB played

    Stars & Stripes For Ever
    Rusalka's Song to the Moon - cornet solo - James Grant
    Manhatton Skyline
    Mid All The Traffic
    At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal
    It's All Right With Me - Trombone feature - Julie Howson, Graham Mallory, Neil Twist
    Pirates of The Caribbean

    also a thanks to KSB MD, Adrian Wood for stepping in to take the band to this contest.
  16. andyfake

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    Well done to all my friends at Barnsley - it was the first time I'd actually played in the contest, despite having been at every round last year and this, and it was a great performance to be part of.
    Any other night, we'd have been in with a shout, but Harrogate in particular took the contest to a new level of excellence and are to be congratulated on a convincing win. Good luck in the final!
  17. Straightmute

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    Thanks Andy - never been accused of that before!

  18. Tracey

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    How hot was it last night!!!!

    Old Silkstone's programme was;-

    Strike up the Band
    Reflections of Nature
    The Children of Sanchez (Flug solo) Maria Beazer
    Hymn to the Fallen
    The Bare Neccessities (EEb Bass solo) John Pullin

    2nd place for us!! 190 points!!
  19. steve butler

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    Many congrats to Harrogate Band, I couldn't stay for the performance as I had a prior engagement but it was brilliant to meet up with my old music teacher and mentor Neil Richmond.
    Not seen Neil since my wedding 33 years ago, so it was great to see him looking so well and to remember (with a struggle) old times.

    It was also very good to see a lot of my old Kippax chums, but tinged with sadness at the recent loss of Keith.
  20. Straightmute

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    Yes, Neil is a great chap. I'm encouraging him to do more arranging for us, and he's having some bits published in the near future. He's a very good and active President of the band.