Kippax Champions!

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    The Kippax Band have won the Second Section at the National Mineworkers' contest held at Butlin's, Skegness. It was the band's first appearance at the contest in its post-Blackpool incarnation, as well as our first contest outing since relegation from the First Section last year. The superb old test piece, "Prometheus Unbound" was given a confident and expansive reading by Keith Wardle, who described the performance as "very special at times", and it clearly impressed the adjudicators. Apparently, the loudest cheer at the end of Kippax's performance came from our old friend Geoff Hawley, who conducted the runners-up, Hopkins Blidworth, so he got it right all round!
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    And you have the congratulations of Carlton Brass too (we came 3rd). Our Chairman listened to all the bands and thought you were well worth your win. :clap:
    Hope we lock horns with you again next year.
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    Thanks Big Horn. I'm brand new on here so thought I'd dip my toe in the water. Good of you to send your congrats to our band, I must say I thought Carlton were also worthy winners last year, I conducted Stanley Newmarket gaining a mid table placing on their first visit to the second section (from third) in recent times.
    Butlins is fast becoming one of the banding highlights of the year.
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    Welcome Teflon1961 - I do a lot of ranting on here - Please don't tell the rest of 'em !!
    See you Thursday.
    - Wilky
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