Kippax Band supporting the Charlotte Booth appeal

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    18 year old Charlotte Booth, GrandDaughter of two of Kippax Band’s staunch supporters, needs life saving treatment in America in order to cure the Synovial Sarcoma in her left lung which threatens her life. Amongst a series of local fund raising events, Kippax Band will be contributing the proceeds of our November monthly concert to the Charlotte Booth appeal. The Band intend to undertake further fundraising events, including a proposed concert by ‘Soul Fingers’ in the Band Club on Friday 21st October.

    The Band ask that you read Charlotte's story below and consider donating towards the £125,000 cost of her life saving treatment.

    Please refer back to the Kippax Band website for further updates on events and inititiatives to support Charlotte’s treatment.
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    I hope it's a really successful event and let's hope Kippax Band can raise a decent sum of money towards this courageous and brave young lady's treatment.

    £125,000 is a massive amount to raise but if we all donated a little, it'd be a great effort towards such a challenging target. She sounds like a very determined young lady and deserving of a bit of help along the way.

    Well done Kippax Band and good luck to Charlotte and her supporters with the fundraising efforts.
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    Thanks to all who supported the event raising over £1300 on the night. A special thanks to "soul fingers" for providing the entertainment. On Sunday 13th November Kippax band will be playing in the band club and donating the proceeds to the fund.


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