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    This Sunday night (13th July) sees the third heat of the 2008 Kippax Band Entertainment Contest.

    The competing bands this sunday are the EYMS Band and Pennine Brass.

    The contest will commence at 8pm at the Kippax Band Club on Mount Pleasant in Kippax, West Yorkshire. Please arrive early to secure a seat.

    For further details please visit the Kippax Band's website-

    David Jackson
    Kippax Band
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    The final heat of this year's entertainment contest took place last sunday. Both competing bands (EYMS and Pennine Brass) played highly entertaining and challenging programmes which a capacity audience at the Kippax Band club appreciated. The final results saw the audicator Colin Hardy announce EYMS as winners.

    EYMS now take their place in the final on Sunday 9th of November against fellow finalists- Drighlington and Harrogate. What a cracking final it should be.