Kippax Band Double Celebration

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    A member of the Kippax Band had double reason to celebrate at the second section regional championships at Bradford last sunday. As well as the Band coming a credible third place Keith Fairburn was also awarded a 50 years service award by the Yorkshire and Humberside regional committee.

    Keith has spent all of his 50 years in banding with the Kippax Band. Keith was an exceptional bass trombone player however has had to hang up his mouthpiece recently due to illness. Keith continues his involvement with the Band as secretary and also as Chairman of the Kippax Band club.

    The Band wish to thank Keith for his service and were delighted to be able to share Keith's celebration on Sunday.

    The Band are now looking forward to the future and are currently looking to appoint a new musical director to take us into the first section from January 2010
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    Well done Keith, was great to see you at Bradford. Well it was great to see all the Kippax crew!
    It looked really strange seeing my old sidekick Wilky sat on stage with some young pup sat next to him instead of me :D
    I hope Keiths replacement (gasper Colley) has got his breath back after the performance :wink: