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    Does anybody know of a simple hymn tune arrangement of this. We've been asked to play it for a remembrance service and it's not in our hymn books or wider library (unless it's under a different name!).

    The tune is apparently a traditional English folk song melody which Vaughn-Williams then set to words by Chesterton: "Oh God of earth and altar, Bow down and hear our cry."

    Sheet music hopefully attached from a hymn book - does anyone have a band version before I start transcribing?!


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    PM Sent
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    I have looked in the Salvation Army tune book and this hymn tune is not in there. Having played the melody I can tell you that this is not very well known. I see that the meter of the tune is 76 76D, there are other tunes available which have the same meter and are in the 120 Hymns for Band book. Aurelia and Ellacombe are two - these are both well known and I am sure there are others. If you look in any hymn book which has the 4 part melody printed the index will have a list of alternative hymn tunes with the same 76 76D meter.
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    This is not much help to you, I'm afraid... I have a version for band of Percy Whitlock's prelude on this hymn tune, originally for organ. Cracking tune.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    GJG has kindly sent me his transcription of this, which having run it the other night with the band at rehearsal will do the job perfectly on Sunday.

    Thanks again.