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    The Kingdom Brass Youth Initiative (KBYI) would like to invite applications for a new Head Tutor.

    As part of the band's youth development project announced recently, we are seeking a new Head Tutor (

    Roles & Responsibilities

    1. Overseeing the development of each child involved with the KBYI
    2. Delivering one to one and group tuition alongside existing tutors
    3. Conducting the Kingdom Brass Preparatory Band (12 and under) each Tuesday night
    4. Conducting the Kingdom Brass Novice Band (14 and under) on an ad hoc basis
    5. Conducting both bands at various competitions and concerts
    6. Preparing solos and ensemble performances when required
    7. Responsible for all music choices (band, solo and ensemble)
    8. Assisting existing tutors preparing children for graded exams
    9. Assisting with recruitment through local primary schools
    10. Liaising with local peripatetic teachers on children's progress
    11. Attend and assist at various tuition workshops organised throughout the year
    12. Assist with the organising of and attend our annual residential course


    The KBYI was set up in January 2007 with the aim of delivering a high quality youth development programme covering the core area for Kingdom Brass (Cowdenbeath and Kelty). Since then the scheme has gradually grown and currently comprises a full youth band, plus a large learners group.

    All of the children in the learners group receive tuition from our pool of dedicated tutors, while the children in our youth bands either receive tuition from our tutors, or via local peripatetic tutors at school.

    In September 2011 we will be restructuring our youth setup, dividing the group into two youth bands (at "14 and under" and "12 and under" age groups). Throughout 2012 and beyond we envisage a continuous cycle of new recruitment, with children then moving into various bands depending on their age and ability. By 2014 we plan to have our third youth band in place, covering the "16 and under" age group (all age groups based on SBBA's current age banding).

    Complementing the brass tuition is our Percussion Academy, under its own Head Tutor, Lynsey Paterson.

    The KBYI will be supporting our second senior band, Kingdom Brass 'B', which launches in October 2011.

    Payment for this role will follow MU rates, which is a requirement from our main funding partner, Creative Scotland.

    For more information, please email
  2. JTKBrass

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    Thank you to the people who have enquired so far about this position. I've had a few people ask if they can come and visit the bandhall, see the setup of our youth project and discuss the role in detail. We're quite happy to set up a visit and meeting for anyone interested in this position.

    Our junior band is performing in the Novice section at Brass in the Park this weekend, so if anyone wants to discuss the role there then feel free to come and chat.
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