King 4B Tenor Trombone for Sale

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    King 4B Trombone

    Hi all, I am currently looking to sell my King 4B Tenor Trombone. Overall the Trombone is in very good condition with some minor cosmetic wear around the slide receiver and a very minor (almost unnoticeable) blemish on the inside of the bell (this wear was already on the instrument when I purchased it), however, the Trombone itself plays beautifully and the main and tuning slides work perfectly. I am also throwing in a hard case along with the trombone that is also in excellent condition.

    Overall I am looking at £600 pounds for the Trombone along with the aforementioned case.

    If you are interested, feel free to contact me - I live in Shropshire. Pictures are also available if you are interested in the instrument.
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    What is the year of manufacture please and the bore size.

    I'm looking for a new slide for my earlier eighties model which has a peculiar bore.