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    On Thursday 28th June 2007 Killamarsh Training Band performed at a combined schools' choir concert held at Killamarsh Sports Centre as part of a week long Summer Cultural Festival. The theme for this year's festival is Spirit of Youth.

    There was some considerable doubt as to whether this concert would go ahead bearing in mind the weather conditions and localised flooding. Roads in and out of the village had been closed for two days due to the River Rother breaching it's banks. Nevertheless the flooding subsided on Wednesday and everything was back on track.

    Some 100 plus performers and an audience in excess of 250 attended the event and the band received a fantastic response from the audience. 19 players performed four items, Radetsky March, Jungle Suite, Jamaican Rumba and Marching The Saints.

    The band were the first performers on stage and they even had unexpected and spontaneous clapping from the audience throughout Monkey Business and the final item.

    This concert was the first of the Training Band's Summer performances and they will be out on a further four occassions next month (that's more than the main band are doing).
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