Killamarsh Training Band - First Performance

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    Killamarsh Training Band has given its first public performance at a sell-out joint concert with Killamarsh Silver Band.
    The training band was set up in September last year under musical director Phil Dickens to bring on the next generation of brass players in the north east Derbyshire and South Yorkshire area.
    The training band’s programme included the Floral Dance, Marching The Saints, Wee Willie Winky, Can-Can and Muss I Den.
    Four members of the main Killamarsh Silver Band played with the training band to support them during their first performance at Killamarsh Sports Centre on 30 March.
    At the end of the concert two new cornets were presented to training band members Adam Dickens and Jessica Green by Adrian Wood, musical director of the main band.
    Adrian said: “Phil Dickens has done a tremendous job setting up the training band from scratch and, as their performance showed, is already getting them to develop a really nice sound.
    “Now the band is established we are keen to encourage more young people – or older people who fancy learning an instrument – to join the training band.
    “Two new members have already signed up as a result of this concert and we hope they will be joined by many others in the coming weeks.”
    The band is hoping to apply for money from the National Lottery or other grant giving bodies to buy further instruments for the training band.
    The next performances of the training band will be at a workshop to be held as part of the Killamarsh Village Summer Festival on Sunday 18 June and at another joint concert with the main band on Thursday 29 June.
    Anyone interested in joining the training band can just turn up at rehearsals. These are held between 4pm and 5pm every Sunday at St Giles’ Church Hall in Sheepcote Road, Killamarsh.
    Further information is also available by ringing Francis Hargate on 0114 248 4898 or visiting the band website at
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    congratulations, it really is good to see bands invetsing in there own future.

    its great to see it happening more and more. Its also good to see the youngsters getting out and about playing for the public.

    keep up the good work:clap:
  3. DublinBass

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    Fantastic news of luck with the youngins!!
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    Go Killamarsh!
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    Well done to phil. After hearing them in February I know what a great job he is doing.

    Keep it up
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    Thanks for the comments above.

    Hi Barry nice to see your first post from KL is for our band. (Barry joined Killamarsh a few weeks before me and he played there for 30+ years). I know you keep up with events on here but thanks for the comment.

    I regret to report that Phil Dickens is currently in hospital with a chest infection (went in on Friday) - I'll get Ron to keep you informed of his progress as I'm going a way this week. The main band and the training band wish him a speedy recovery.

    We got Andy Furmidge to stand in as conductor for the training band and 3 new cornet players turned up. I'm hoping the training band will also be attending a few of our summer jobs to play in between the main band's sessions - let them find out what they are rehearsing for. The 3 new cornet players are all at the village school were there are apparently 18 brass players - fortunately their new brass peri (Kate Salt) used to play in the band so I'm sure we'll get a few more coming along.

    Apparently the kids get "free" use of an instrument for a year but then have to buy it if they want to carry on - we give the training band instruments out for free and they can be for kept for life - just turn up to rehearsals.
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    Hi Francis,
    Sorry to hear about Phil not being very well, send him my regards and wish him a speedy recovery. I am sure the training band will continue to progress under the baton of Andy. I hope Kate manages to feed lots of new players through from the local school.