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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by tubafran, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. tubafran

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    Following on from a couple of threads for Sheffield student trombone players looking for bands in the area - are there any cornet players looking for bands?

    Killamarsh are a non contesting band just a few miles out of Sheffield and there's a tram out to Halfway were we can pick players up and take them to our rehearsal. We also have a few players in the centre of Sheffield who can give lifts too.

    Rehearsals are Wednesday 7.30 to 9.00 and Sunday 5.00 to 7.00 - well attended rehearsals but a bit short on cornets at the moment. Also any percussionists would also be welcome.
  2. tubafran

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    Following on from the above thread we currently have 3 vacancies -

    Principal Euphonium - current player moving to Birmingham
    2nd Horn - player leaving
    Front row cornet -

    rest of the band is reasonably well covered (5 basses, 6 troms, 3 baris and full back row cornets)

    The band has a full concert and performance schedule for next year as well as a mini-tour to Scotland (end May) and Norfolk (end July).

    If you are interested send me a pm.
  3. tubafran

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    OK for cornets now - but we can always accommodate extra players - front row not happy unless we've got at least 5

    2nd horn now staying
  4. Pythagoras

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    Nice friendly band, and a good pub after band as well (with a quiz on Wednesdays!)
  5. Shaggy

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    Quiz question for all Killamarsh players:- is there any question you can possibly ask Francis to which he will give the the reply....."Sorry I have no idea, you have totally stumped me with that one mate"?
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    Well I'll answer that - I have absolutely no idea where Barnstonworth is, nor Rugbolt nor Cullaswamp for that matter - completley stumped - now back on thread do you know any good conductors we could interest to take Killamarsh?
  7. tubafran

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    Player update

    We are still looking for some additional front row cornets, an extra horn and a principal euph. The band currently has 34 members and we get around 24+ at each rehearsal.

    We have recently appointed a new MD - Adrian Wood and we have some exciting events coming up later in the year - Scotish Mini-Tour and Beer Festival in Norfolk.

    Send me a pm if you are interested or you need some additional information that has not been covered in previous posts.
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    Killamarsh come fully recommended. They tolerate all geordie former students who can't play timps.

    Don't be fooled, Halfway should actually be Threequartersway.

    I thought I'd better point that out in case any prospective players thought that to get the tram to Halfway, would actually only be halfway, which it isn't. Its more Threequartersway, or even Fourfifthsway. It were really halfway, Killamarsh would most likely be in Chesterfield.

    Ambiguity solved.

    Although I should say, that if you get on a tram and ask for Fourfifthsway, the conductor might give you a 'rate' wierd look, 'love'.
  9. tubafran

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    ...and the only reason we tolerated you not playing timps for us was because the first time you turned up to play EEb you made quite an impression (1 over the 8 I think at Whychavon).

    All was forgiven however when you took part in the Lake District bass massive. We might even let you come and play with us in Scotland (we've only got 6 basses so far).
  10. tubafran

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    Tenor Horn Vacancy

    Killamarsh Silver currently has a vacancy for a tenor horn player - see details above for stuff about rehearsal times, conductor, tours etc. or have a look at our website below.

    Send me pm in first instance if you are interested and I'll answer any questions you may have (Shaggy please don't send me any more pub quiz questions though;) )