Killamarsh Silver Band - Stocksbridge Band Club - Band of the Year

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    On Sunday 10 June 2007 Stocksbridge Band played the final concert in the 2007 series of Band Club concerts. The first event was held on Sunday 4th February and over the following weeks 12 bands performed their concert programmes to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.

    At the conclusion of the performances, members of the Stocksbridge Band agree on the band that was considered to have provided the "most entertaining programme".

    The 2007 Band Club, Band of the Year is KILLAMARSH SILVER BAND :clap: .

    I can confirm that I felt very honoured and proud to collect the engraved shield on behalf of the band and would publicly express my thanks to our MD, Adrian Wood and all the band for their efforts.

    Also well done to Stocksbridge Band for running this year's event at the new venue, it was good to hear that it will be there again next year.
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    Woo hoo! Well done to us!

    Echo Francis's comments about Stocksbridge band. Tihknk they've done an excellent job, and its a great venue.
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    I thought KSB was a none contesting band? Why are you taking part in a contest when you claim to be a none contesting outfit? Its this kind of double dealing dishonesty that drags then name of banding through the mud.

    Call me cynical if you like but, I would not mind betting you had one or two borrowed players on that gig who no doubt were responsible for you blagging this award. Its always the same with this type of band who make out they are in it just for kicks, and dont care about contests or the competitive tradition of banding.Then when they see a chance to pick up a bit of silverware, they ship in a few honest professionals with the required talent to pull off a miracle.

    And what thanks do they get? none, they just carry on running around the country pulling peoples chestnuts out of the fire for them, while others take all the glory.
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    Dread to think what you'd make of this then Shaggy.

    Looks suspiciously like Killamarsh Band competing at Whit Friday 2 years ago.


    ;) :p
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    PS, joking aside well done to Killamarsh on their award, a thoroughly entertaining band to both play with and listen to.
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    :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: (tried to use a few more but it got auto-moderated)

    No idea who they are as I was playing with BBSBB on that night - I'm sure there are quite a few bands out on Whit Friday with similar or the same uniform as Killamarsh, I can underderstand your confusion:rolleyes: .
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    Settle pettle!!!:eek:

    Please read Fran's 1st post carefully about the Stockbridge Band club CONCERT'S which they hold every year. It is a series of CONCERT'S for the loacl bands to showcase their wares to each other and the general surrounding audiences. The CONCERT'S are by invitation from Stocksbridge band and most of the local bands are invited including registered contesting bands and the non-contesting bands in the area. The fact that the host band awarded a 'prize' to the most entertaining performance is simply a nice touch and encouragement to the bands to make their programmes enjoyable (i didn't even know they awarded this tho!) and not getting all the bands slogging their way through a very stale and traditional band programme by playing symphonies: 1 2 3 4 and 5 etc........ which i would not choose to listen to and i'm sure you wouldn't either!!!

    Anyway at least you've had a chance to get that bee out of your bonnet!!!!

    Just a shame it was poor Killamarsh in your firing line!
  8. tubafran

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    Not a problem Lyndon, you obviously have never met the Shagster, it's just his sense of humour which is slightly warped. I have taken no offence in what he's written and as he was one of the "professionals" that played at the band club with us it was written firmly tongue in cheek.

    Indeed Andrew has probably "depped" on kit for Killamarsh at every concert we've done for the last year - we just can't keep him away. I've tried everything but it just doesn't work - insulted his playing, offered to get deps in from top bands, even tried to bribe him with money but he still keeps turning up.

    Anyway we might be needing an EEb dep at some jobs over the next few weeks and I'll see if we can introduce you to the man himself;) .
  9. bassmittens

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    Fair, enough - my humblest apologies to Shaggy then, for my dig back at his post!!!:oops:

    However, i'm sure i will not be the only person to take his post literally - unfortunately it is hard to portray a sense of humour in written text bearing in mind this is a public forum it could easily upset many other people reading it also - it certainly got my back up enough to spring to the defenence of a decent, local, non-contesting band.

    Perhaps he could have ended by hinting that his tongue was firmly planted in his cheek to avoid confusion??
  10. tubafran

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    Worry not, I think you been well and truly trolled by him but thanks for the defence:clap: , perhaps I should have made it clear in my first reply that it was not offensive to me. Although I'm surprised a mod didn't get to him first but I think they might get his style by now.

    Shaggy - when was the last time you had a post pulled?
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    To paraphrase an old addage, no one ever went broke underestimating the capacity of TMP posters to take things literally. I suspect for many TMP posters the expression "reading between the lines" probably means studying a copy of last weeks BANDSMAN while strolling round Crich Tramway Museum.

    To take the ancient forms of transport analogy a little further, perhaps someone needs to walk in front of all my posts waving a red flag, as in the early days of the horseless carriage, thus sparing the hapless TMP poster from getting crushed under the wheels of my steamrolling wit?

    I am happy to preface all my posts with a warning if it helps old Tubagloves to keep up, as long as he reciprocates in kind. Might I suggest the following? " Warning, this post contains the following ingreadients:- Gullibility,credulousness and large doses of naivety....may contain a large nut"

    Dear oh dear! dont know why I bother sometimes!
  12. SuperMosh

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    That is one of the funniest quotes I have seen on tMP :clap:

    Well done to Killamarsh also.
  13. nomperism

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    Lewis Bettles- Soloist of the year

    Congrats to Killamarsh for winning band of the year. There programme was very entertaining, especially the piece Salamanca where all the cornets stood up at the back.

    I would also like to mention that at the awards ceremony, one of Thurlstone Bands young players won soloist of the year this year, following in the footsteps of another member of our band.

    Last year our solo horn Jonathan Bates (who was 11 at the time) won solo of the year, and then this year Lewis Bettles, our Solo trombone player won with a fabulous rendition of Blue John, a jazz number, and he played without any music! It was amazing. He is also 11 years old.

    Well Done Lewis!:clap: :clap: :clap:
  14. tubafran

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    Oh yes sorry I forget to mention who won that prize, I was so over come with emotion that I didn't hear the name of the trombone soloist or which band he played for. Congratulations to Lewis from Thurlstone Band.
  15. Will the Sec

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    Perhaps the only sentence you've ever posted on tMP without a "hidden" meaning Shagster?
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    Congratulations to both Killamarsh and to Lewis, it's fantastic to see young players and non-contesting bands showing such enthusiasm and talent.

    Also congratulations and thanks to all bands for providing fantastic music and entertainment for another successful band club season. Despite the problems that rellocation caused last year, the club is back as strong as ever.

    Many thanks to Niagra and the South Yorkshire Police Band for their support in running this year's season, and to several members of Stocksbridge band who have worked extremely hard to ensure this was a success.

    Most of all though, thanks to the audiences. There were many familiar faces there every sunday, along with many people who are new to the band club. We look forward to welcoming you all back again next year.
  17. Shaggy

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    How can you be sure?
  18. tubafran

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    That's just random - not your usual laser-like repartee or is there a punch-line to follow?

    Oh, whilst we are on the subject of abuse of "honest professionals" trying to make a few bob - what you doing next Wednesday? I'll get the pan and brush ready for the scattering of star-dust you bring to any performance you enhance.