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  1. ringa

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    Hi can anyone help or advise. I play 1st horn in a championship section band and am devastated to have been diagnosed with a keratocyst in my bottom left mandible. I've already had one operation to insert a drain which has left my cheek to chin includi g bottom lip numb
    Has anyone had similar problems and returned to playing. Ive 2 band friends who've had bells palsay and returned but this is totally different. Ive also been told i need another 2 operations to remove said bone cyst. Its gonna be a lengthy process
  2. Valentina

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    Auch... sorry to hear that! I wish you the best. I have no knowledge about that particular problem. But I can imagine that it will give you some worrying.
    As we say in Belgium: hold tight on the grass. Meaning: keep yourself strong and healthy, all of the best wishes.


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