Kensington Concerto

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by EbHorny, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. EbHorny

    EbHorny Member

    So hows everyone getting on with Kensington Concerto for the 1st section finals in Dundee then?

    Any Cornets getting nervous yet ?? :cry:
  2. Heather

    Heather Member

    We're doing ok on it up to now.
    I didn't like the piece when I first played it and thought it would be dreadful for an audience to listen to BUT I have grown to like it now.
    Its typical Eric Ball music.
    Glad I'm not Principal Cornet though!!!!!!!
  3. EbHorny

    EbHorny Member

    I felt exactly the same, but I like it now.

    As for the principal cornet, theres gonna be some nervous players out there. It'll be hard for the band to settle, if the principal bums his solo at the start!
  4. jimothy

    jimothy Member

    Kensington, like most of Eric Ball's music is absloutely fantastic. The dots in themselves are not technically difficult, which leads lesser bands to think that the piece is easy. We must not underestimate it though. It is a stout test for bands at this level. I just hope that the men in the box don't cock up as they have done so often in the past.
  5. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    I was told that when Kensington was used for the top section finals in the 70's that the bands said it was too easy. Then most went on stage and made a balls up of it. It is a tough one but one of my eric ball favourites. Certainly needs a lot of respect from the band playing it. Should be a good competition.


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