KELLY - Phat-Tone & Groovy-Tone Stainless Sound Sleeves!

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  1. Kelly Mouthpieces

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    Introducing our new KELLY Tone-Darkening Trumpet Sound Sleeves.
    Two unique designs from KELLY: Phat-Tone and Groovy-Tone!


    The only stainless-steel sleeves available in the world!
    Adds mass to trumpet mouthpieces intensifying your tone.

    Order yours today... 2 styles to choose from!

    Jim Kelly

    KELLY Mouthpieces
    Bringing COLOR to Music - FEEL the Comfort!
    674 South Pioneer Road
    Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935-9190
    Ph 920-922-9888
    Fx 920-922-7308
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    Why is there still no selection of Tenor Horn mouthpieces?
    I was informed early last year that they would be available by the end of 2008.
    I have several students and players who would be very interested in purchasing one.

    Come on Jim lets be having the news.

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