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    I currently play Euphonium on a Wick 4AL, I have for a couple of weeks a Kelly 5G, What do people think of this mouthpiece?
    I have found the higher register easier (desirable for me) and the lower (bottom 'C' down) not as good. This combination seems good for me, I also like the comfort of a plastic m/p. Any opinions anyone? The Kelly is very slightly smaller so upper register is good whilst still retaining tonal quality.
    Who stocks them and what price?
    e-bay £14.99 any better anywhere else?

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    I personally wouldn't use a Kelly 5G (or a Bach 5G, for that matter - the metal model on which it was based) on euphonium - it's too shallow and on the narrow side; I find it gets harsh in louder dynamics - as you might expect; it's the standard size of mouthpiece for the large bore tenor trombone.

    Plastic is comfy, and the Kellys are cheap, but my personal take is that they don't offer a model suited to the British euphonium sound, though their 51D model might be worth a look for you - slightly narrower than the 5G, but also slightly deeper. But then, you've got a back-story which suggests that you know exactly what the British euphonium sound is all about - as I say, this is the personal take of someone who finds he needs the size of an SM3 to make the sound he wants on the euph.

    If cost is not so important, US mouthpiece maker Doug Elliott is back making mouthpieces again after a 4-year break, during which he rebuilt his burned-down house. He offers the option of a plastic rim as part of his three-piece system (rim, cup, shank). The amount of modularity is huge, though the cost is not cheap. See his website for details.


    Don t bother ! after hearing you at Butlins,why change ? I can t see how anyone can better that performance...ever.:eek:
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    We probably stock the largest selection in UK and at the cheapest price (and yes most of the listings on ebay for kellys are by us)
    First Brass Limited
    Tel 01604677664

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