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  1. Just got one in the post. Stuck it in the cornet, played low-G right the way up to top C, chromatically all the way, no problem. Wow. I've never been able to do that before!

    And before you ask - crystal blue <img>

    It is as light as a feather, aswell. I thought it would be heavier than that.
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    Not trying to put a dampner on things but I found with my Kelly 4B it is great for the first couple of weeks then you take a bit of a dip in performance and then it does come back again after about 2 or 3 weeks

    But they are well worth the money

    Good Luck
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    I've got a pink 4B and my range is rubbish on it, they have no resistance and are just a novelty item in my opinion.... we aren't allowed to use them at band :tongue: and my teacher hates them so much he wants me to throw mine away!

    The only thing there good for is cold jobs like marching and carols at christmas! :D
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    Nothing to do with gob-irons, but it's nice to see someone from Knighton band! My Dad was conducting until recently, now he's causing trouble on the back row. I suppose he has an excuse to be an old codger now, as he's going to be a Grandad soon! Hope the trip to Belgium goes well - we were going to come along for the ride, but babies have got in the way!
  5. I know your dad! <img> He has indeed established his reputation as a troublemaker, of a good sort. I also play in Llandrindod Wells, where he plays and causes trouble - by muttering things and sometimes playing solo cornet from the back row when he should be playing 3rd cornet; certain band members get irritated, but I could do with the help sometimes. He invited me to play in Knighton, so now he's setting a bad example for me there aswell <img> Haha. *evil laugh*

    I probably won't be going to Belgium. But I'm going to be on the CD we're making next week. I hope no one baulks when I pull out funky new mouthpiece.

    (Do these smilies show up properly, by the way? - In my own posts I'm getting "<img>" on my puter, instead of smilies; but I can see smilies in other people's posts ok).
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    I only see <img>
  7. Thanks jingleram. This is a test post, which I will edit until the smilies work.
    4 :clap:
    It seems I have to type in the [ img ] tags and the image url manually -
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    Going back to the original subject, I bought a Kelly 4B for the carolling jobs last Christmas (a nice festive crystal red one).
    I find that the sound is a bit thinner, the range doesn't really change much (I normally play on a a Denis Wick RW3, so it's a little different), but my stamina is superb. Normally when carolling, I can last about an hour and a half, but with the Kelly mouthpiece my lips still feel quite fresh after a couple of hours.
  9. I'm starting to notice a few disadvantages now. I don't know if my sound is much thinner - very slightly, perhaps. But it has a noticeable and very faint 'squeaky' sound when I'm practicing quietly with a mute, at the start of each note. It's like the sond you get when you rub something hard with a duster, but very quiet. Or maybe that's just in my head. They say what comes out of the end isn't always the same as what you hear.

    I'm not sure I like the taste of it either - I can taste the plastic. I haven't tried it really loud yet - that will be tuesday evening.

    Note production is easier though; I like the warmth of the plastic; and my range is considerably better. I can blow a top C without trouble using it, and a top-top-E isn't out the question. The jury is still out so far! Further reports due in a few days...
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    Just out of interest - what are you comparing this to?

    Might sound like an odd question but if you were comparing it to say a Wick 2 then there is going to be a huge difference isnt there?
  11. Going directly from a Vincent Bach 7c to a Kelly 7c. But my style isn't settled yet, anyway. I took up playing again 5 months ago, after a 17-year rest! That's why I'm investiagting all of these newfangled gadgets ;)

    The whole 7c thing is temporary, until I can get the high notes more easily. I'll drop back to a 4B then.
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    I don't know what anyone else thinks but of it is a case that you are just using the 7c to get your high range back after a break in playing then going back to your 4B. If it were me I would be playing on the 4B from the start and developing the high range with the mouth piece I was going to be using on a full time basis. If you practice on the 7c and get a good range on that when you switch to the 4B, yes your range may appear to be good for a week or 2 but then it will diminish again until you get yourself used to the 4B so all the hard work you have done with the 7c will be wasted time that you could have been doing with the 4B.

    I hope this makes sense
  13. The Vincent Bach 7c makes such a huge difference to my playing that I can't imagine going back right now. It makes it possible to play melodiously above C - with a 4B I was pushing it too much and getting a thin sound. Maybe I'll stick with it permanently.

    If I stay with the Kelly, maybe I could try a 4B or 5C, and sacrifice a few of the high notes for a fuller tone. (Is a 5C fuller than a 7c?) But I suspect the plasticky taste will swing it - if so, I'll save it for cold weather jobs.

    I've never tried the Denis Wick 2s and 3s. So many choices...!
  14. By the way, I don't know if this is allowed on this forum, but the place I bought it from deserves a plug. JP Brass ([SIZE=-1][/SIZE]) is selling them for £10 including P+P - the cheapest I can find on the internet. I think he's just a guy in a house. But the service is good, and it was in the post to me the next day.
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    hes everywhere... :p
    well - WoE, Wychavon and quite a few others...
    (though thats neither here nor there)

    Gotta say I agree with Martin though - I cant see how building up on an easier mouthpiece and then transferring to a more difficult one would help too much, If anything Id suggest going the other way entirely and working with something thats a bit too big and building up strength on that and then transferring back onto the easier mouthpiece.
    One thing i was once told was that the deeper the mouthpiece, the longer you will be able to play on it (in a session) - so if you were to switch to something bigger than where you wanted to be, you would be able to work with it for longer at a time (if this makes sense).

  16. I really do like playing on the 7c, and my playing in the upper range is much better on it. As I'm on the front row, I don't like splitting notes and struggling - it shows too much - which is what happens with the 4B. I am sometimes left holding the tunes there, so I like to play as well as I can.

    What about playing low pieces on the 4B and high pieces on the 7c - or is that a bit silly? Or I could play on the 7c at rehearsals and practice at home on a 4B - that way I could improve "by stealth", and still play my best at rehearsals. Or get a Kelly 4B (for the bigger range), or stick with the VB 7c permanently. I have a nice round tone naturally, probably from all those years I played when young, and the 7c doesn't sound at all trumpety. The plan to switch back to the 4B in the future would be a bonus, but isn't strictly necessary.

    Maybe I should get some advice from Bass Trumpet's dad ;)
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    Have to say I definately wouldnt reccomend swapping between mouthpieces regularly.

    Having not heard you I cant pass judgement on tone, though as long as youre happy with it and it fits in with the band/s youre playing with it shouldnt be a major problem, yet IMHO if you have a nice natural tone you should make the best of it (to me, the bigger the better).

    Another issue you may want to consider is tuning...
    Its all very well being able to play up there, but if the mouthpiece doesnt suit you then you may find yourself hopelessly out of tune (again - havent heard you so i cant say whether this applies). Because if you cant play your top notes (or any others for that matter) in tune, it can make the music worse than if you couldnt play them at all...

    Just a few thoughts
    (hope it helps...)
  18. Played on my Kelly at band practice last night. Latest report...

    It went swimmingly, except for a lot of jiggling trying to find my pitch, on a new mouthpiece with the rest of band blaring away. Several times I discovered half way athrough a passage, that I was playing a 3rd above the rest of the solos cornets, because I was still trying to pitch for the Vincent Bach. Once or twice I pitched for a high F, and hit a high Bb instead. Playing high was much easier, with no perceptible loss of tone, making nice melodic noises; and jumping from high notes to low ones, or vice versa was much easier.

    But it seems to make it more difficult to play quietly. With a metal mouthpiece you can ease the note into existence, increasing the pressure until the note becomes faintly audible. But on the Kelly, the note fails to make a sound until you reach a higher pressure, and then it slots itself into existence at mp. I was unable to play p or pp last night, and I'll need to practice quite a lot to get it back.

    The plasticky taste has gone. I don't know whether I've got used to it, or perhaps there was a surface film of chemicals on it which have now been licked and washed off.

    Had a word with Mr Bass Trumpet the Elder aswell, and a few other people. The consensus is, it sounds nice.

    Bear in mind aswell, that this is a lower-division band, where it's more important to be able to play the tunes, rather than getting a perfectly homogenous sound across the whole band. For that reason, I reckon I'll be sticking with it. PS: It does look funky too :)
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