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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Ross Berry, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Ross Berry

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    A few people have referred to Keith under the thread about the best cornet sound.

    It got me thinking. What happened to him after he left Enfield? Did he stop playing altogether or is he still in a non-SA band somewhere?

    If the former, it is another example of someone who reached a high standard of playing and then just stopped.

    I have never reached a decent standard but have really missed playing when I have gone for spells out of a band. How anyone can do it after getting so close to perfecting the art amazes me.
  2. johnflugel

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    I think he left Enfield about 92-93, David Dawes filled the seat from then on. I seem to remember a story coming from someone within the band that Dyke had enquired about his services but that could be just one of 'those' stories that had had no substance.

    I am sure that there will be other guys on here much better informed than me...step forward Mike Saunders, JulesCornet, Golden Hynd!
  3. Cantonian

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    Sorry, I don't know either!!
  4. Jules Cornet

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    He was certainly a great player and a particular hero of mine. At the time I thought he was an absolute master of end chair band cornet playing.

    Listen to the cornet solos in 'Resurgam' 'Kaleidoscope' and 'The Call of the Righteous' for examples (CD Enfield Collection) of his work.

    I have a programme from 1993 with him playing Jubilance with Enfield Band at Regent Hall, and I also played on a Egon Virtousi CD recording in late September of the same year

    Soon after that it seems that he finished with Enfield and I haven't heard of him playing since.

    I did sit next to him by chance at Birmingham Sympony Hall for the Open a few years ago. (Test Piece - Whitsun Wakes) and I think I remenber him saying that he hadn't played since finishing with Enfield and didn't really miss playing that much. (Time may have eroded my exact memory of that conversation and I apologise if that is not exactly what was said.)

    Great cornet player though who had been the principal cornet player of Enfield band (previously known as Tottenham Citadel) from around 1970 to 1993ish.

    Jules Cornet
  5. carlwoodman

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    James Williams persuaded him to come out of 'retirement' to play for the Egon band at the 1996 British Open Gala Concert but I don't think he has played much either before (after leaving Enfield) or since.
    Still see him at the Nationals, usually sat with his buddy David Sewell.
  6. Razor

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    As far as I'm aware he did actually play with Dyke a number of times but not sure if that was while he was still at Enfield or after he 'retired'. Sure I've seen somewhere in print Roger Webster talking with high regard for him as a player too.

    Heard him a number of times live and although a very talented stand up soloist I reckon his real forte was as a first class end man and section leader. His solo work within pieces such as Resurgam and Kaleidoscope etc was outstanding.

    As well as David Daws being 2nd man down to him for a few years he also had Richard Martin(another outstanding player) as 2nd man down in the late 70's/early 80's.
  7. Ross Berry

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    I will ask David, if I see him.
  8. Keith Hutchinson

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    This is Keith Hutchinson here. A friend told me only tonight about this website, and I was amazed and flattered to find that though I retired from active playing almost 11 years ago, there are people who still remember me.
    For the record, the last time I played my cornet was for the Egon band in 1996, under the leadership of the great James Williams. I was privileged to play under his leadership for 23 years and count myself so fortunate to have the opportunity to play under such a legend. I learnt so much from the experience.
    My personal 'idol' was, and remains Gentleman Jim Shepherd. I really tried very hard to emulate him, and failed dismally! However, it was a great privilege to try and I am very pleased that I managed to bring some pleasure to the people who heard me play.
    Whilst not actively playing now, I still thoroughly enjoy listening to the great players of today and understand, I think, the effort and commitment that is required to achieve the exceptional standards which are being consistently attained.
    We are still living in Surrey, and enjoy as many brass band concerts as we can get to on a regular basis. I look forward to renewing acquaintances with old friends in the brass band fraternity at Birmingham and the RAH later in the year.
  9. Razor

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    Great to hear from you!

    Sure you'll be remembered and talked about for many years to come!

    Maybe you could fill us in regards you playing with Dyke at some time?