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  1. hobgoblin

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    It'snot just the players. How many lower section bands have large and expensive tuned perc instruments taking up half the band room, even more of the budget, and frankly gathering dust 90% of the time.

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  2. owain_s

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    It's difficult to recruit percussionists if they're only wanted for one piece per year. A choice of repertoire during the other eleven months which actually involves them properly would go a long way to improving retention.
  3. Bbmad

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    Nice thought, but the average park bandstand isn't big enough to accommodate 4 percs and all the kit.
  4. owain_s

    owain_s Member

    The average indoor concert is, though...
  5. Accidental

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    Current Kapitol rules state that each player can only be registered with one accredited registry and may only play once in any round of Regional contests.
    For the purpose of those rules, the "Regions" are Scotland, Wales and the 6 English areas; the accredited registries are BBP for England, the Scottish registry and the Welsh registry.
  6. owain_s

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    Also, to be fully complete, it's worth acknowledging that the Channel Islands are included in the L&SC region, and the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland within the North West, so bands from those locations have to be registered with BBP.
  7. The Undaunted

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    Dear Me.
    What have I joined? That's a bit PC PB. I've always played in lower section bands since I left the marines, but never felt belittled. No offence intended PB, but I could always play with the best of them and probably still can. What can we refer to these sections as then ? I understand your position as a moderator, but there must be some very insecure, or touchy people about in,1st,2nd, 3rd, and 4th section bands if you need to resort to this approach. What has happened to brass banding?
    With sincere regrets if this causes offence.
    Len, aka The Undaunted.
  8. Bbmad

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    Hmm I think this post might mysteriously disappear..... Got to be careful what is said with regards to the lower sections
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  9. Pauli Walnuts

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    you will have missed the background to this - it is not the word "lower" that causes offence, it is what was previously being used which was. All instances of that were edited by mods as will be any other mispelling that alludes to the original. (If you saw it, you would understand).
  10. choirmaster

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    Why does the kapitol rule state a maximum amount of players? what is the reasoning behind it? Why can't all of your band members take part rather than have to leave some out. There's no advantage to having more than the 25 but at least your entire band is happy and no conductor has to have the difficult conversation with someone that is surplus to requirements!
  11. hobgoblin

    hobgoblin Member

    I think there could be a serious advantage in having more than 25 players. Most obviously in terms of the sheer size / volume of sound produced. At the Europeans where I believe this is allowed certain bands have managed to do themselves a massive favour by having extra players.
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  12. Accidental

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    As with the bulk of their contesting and registry rules, Kapitol have simply maintained what was in place before.
    As far as I'm aware this rule has been the same for decades (certainly the 30+ years I've been contesting) and its because 25 is the 'standard' number of players that most brass band music is scored for. The British Open/Spring Festival also have the same rule.

    I agree it can be an issue when a band has additional players, but given how many bands struggle to field a full band for contests or even compete at all, that's quite a nice problem to have!

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