Kaleidoscope - Sparke. Recording wanted.

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    I am after a recording and a score of Philip Sparkes- Kaleidoscope if anyone can either loan me a copy or inform me as to where to obtain a copy. I have looked through the past Regional Recording but it appears there was not one cut for 2004.
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    There was, as I have it. It may be out of print?

    Either way, I think it's the same recording as appeared on this: http://www.ukcd.net/details.asp?ref=429
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    There is a recording (CD0 of this by The Foden's Richardson Band. By Anglo Records.:clap:
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    It is also on a CD called A Portrait in Brass, by various bands, featuring Mr Sparke's music.
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    The Full Score of this is available from De Haske at £18.95, here is the link to the De Haske website page :-


    In terms of Cd recordings there are two cd's available from Anglo records, both by Fodens; one is entitled Kaleidoscope and the other Portrait in Brass. Both the same recording, depends what you would like to have on the cd with it. Here are the links to both :-

    Cd : Kaleidoscope


    Cd : Portrait in Brass


    Both cd's are £13.95 and involved Philip in a production capacity.

    Hope that this helps.
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    Thank you one and all for your very kind assistance I have now obtained a copy.