kaleidoscope by philip sparke

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  1. andybass

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    hi folks, heard kaleidoscope by philip sparke at a concert over the weekend.great piece. can anybody guide me as to what section it was written for or if it would stand up as a 2nd section piece? cheers andy:)
  2. Frontman

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    Hi Andy, it was used in 2004 for the 2nd Section Area piece.
    So yes, I guess it will still be ok for the 2nd section, though one or two 3rd section bands have used it recently at own choice contests.
  3. Bass Trumpet

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    Oh yes. Nice piece if memory serves me correctly.

    It's a shame that so many 2nd/3rd section pieces tend to get a little neglected. How many times do you hear a band try and hack their way through Resurgam when they're not really up to it? There are some lovely middle-standard pieces out there (quite a few by Philip Sparke) waiting to be enjoyed again.
  4. cornetsquint

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    I have played it at the areas (2nd section) and also at Weston (2nd section) but I do know of 3rd section bands who have played it well and won
  5. barrytone

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    Played Kaleidoscope in 2004 and used it at several contests that year, it is a second section piece but then the year after Variation for Brass by Vaughn Williams was chosen, much harder piece than Kaleidoscope. It's one of the easier second section pieces around and not one I would choose as own choice, not of sufficient difficulty once you get over the intro
  6. andybass

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    thanks for advice. totally agree that it is best to choose a piece a band can get to grips with rather than something that is too far too soon.i feel choosing a piece to suit and please 3 or 4 stronger players is risking so much on a contest day.much better to improve steadily and let the harder pieces take their natural course.our next contest is hot on the heels of a very busy summer season so i think safety and musical enjoyment first and then something a bit more testing for st helens in mid november.
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  7. johnmartin

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    I remember it well. Caird Hall 2004. If only Philip had written that silent two bars in the middle of the piece we might have finished higher than 6th. :)
  8. Colin.Doran

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    Lostock Hall band have been using it to compete in the Northwest Counties brass band contest in the second section and have done quite well on it so I would say it still stands up to that level of playing
  9. GJG

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    Was also used for 2nd section Butlins not that long ago - 2007 I think but not certain.
  10. Gorgie boy

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    Out of interest John, who played those two silent bars? Wasn't the timp was it? Or was it the guide dog solo???
  11. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Can't remember who started it all off. It was one of those horrible moments when someone miscounts and the rest of the band are waiting on cues from other sections. The whole thing just collapsed like a house of cards. Guess which section rescued the performance by coming in bang on where they should....
  12. BigHorn

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    AArrghh... My most hated test piece. I've played this at the area and Butlins. I don't like listening to it and don't like playing it either.
    Odd because I like most Philip Sparke pieces.