Justmusic.com - dead or alive ?.

Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by 2ndcornets, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. 2ndcornets

    2ndcornets New Member

    Anyone know if Justmusic.com is still going or has gone "phut" ?. I ordered a copy of bari. solo Horizon with piano accompaniment from them on 26 October. Gone into a "processing" stasis and no reply to emails asking for progress. Gonna be playing Donegal Bay [again !] at this rate instead of this piece which I hoped to dazzle [?] an audience with.
  2. Hsop

    Hsop Member


    Yes they are still trading. I phoned yesterday and ordered a piece of music. Maybe try and call them to see where your music is ? 01355 245674.
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  3. 2ndcornets

    2ndcornets New Member

    Thanks Hsop, Reaaly helpful. I will ring them on your number. Glad they are still going 'cos they have an excellent catalogue of brass music.

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