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    Hi All,

    I was brought up under the baton of Harry Lawn in York in a small church ensemble. I often wondered what happened to his son Chris once conductor at Lingdale. It would just be nice to find out and let him know that at least one of his Father's Brass Chorale is still in Banding.

    Just a cast in the dark, if anyone has any knowledge I'd be grateful


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    Hi Andrew,

    I'm afraid I haven't a clue about Chris Lawn, I haven't heard about him for ages, but I can confirm that there's at least one other ex-St. Aidan's member in Brass Bands. Me! :-D

    I played cornet back around 1981 to 1983 (ish!) along with my brother Dean. We left to join the RI Training Band (as the Golden Rail band was then). I have since moved down the band, playing Baritone, Bass Trombone, Eb Bass and BBb Bass with both RI Seniors and Rowntrees/Shepherds in that time. Dean still plays as well, although not in Brass Bands.


  3. cornyandy

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    Hi Darryl,

    yep I remember that name, and Deans, do you remember Barrie (Baz) on Euph and Alf (on Baritone) Well I am/was Barries nephew. In 93 I'd be ten so an annoying little runt. (Barrie died young at 43 some years ago). I had a twenty year break in playing but am back with avengence now working towards grade 7 after a great grade 5. Our paths will probably cross at some stage I'm heading for Darlington to support the RI and will probably stay on to support the other York Band
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    I remember Barrie, I'm sad to hear he's no longer with us. :-(

    I'm afraid that my memories are somewhat jumbled at the moment, due to prescription pain killers and I don't remember a great deal about the days of my Youth!! :-(
    I'll ask Dean how much he remembers next time I speak to him, he's 2 years younger than me and has a better memory! :)

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  5. cornyandy

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    Cheers Darryl, I hope the pain killers are nothing more serious than a bit of bass players back and that you recover soon

    See you around on here if not in the non virtual world

    All the best

  6. JR

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    I hope Chris is OK

    I always bump into Chris at the North East Area at Darlington and we have our usual chat!

    We were both students of Peter Parkes at barnsley college 20 odd years ago - Chris was an old mate of mine along with his erstwhile partner in crime Phil Chapman - Phil always digs out an old photo of us at our graduation...

    Chris was a good conductor - as i understand it he hasnt been too well recently - I daresay I will see him again in a couple of weeks. I will be there as a listener this time as my band Lockwood (formerly Lingdale) arent going due to lack of numbers in certain sections. We are however going to the French Open in June as usual complete with borrowed helpers from Reg Vardy, Skelmanthorpe and others

    John R
  7. cornyandy

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    Hi John,

    If you do happen to bump into Chris could you pass on my best and let him know that someone remembers his Dad, he won't know me by name but he may remember my uncle (Barrie "Baz" Stokoe") who played at St Aiden's with Harry for a long time. (I too should be at Darlignton, on the Sunday to support York RI and Sheps)