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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DFBaker, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. DFBaker

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    I happened on this site quite by accident and got to reading way too many threads. My name's David and I was with the NYSB for about 9 years or so starting in the 1996-97 season. I like the site. Will definately have to get more involved once I figure everything out.
  2. TheMusicMan

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    Welcome David, :hi glad to have you here.

    Only time I visited Maine was en route to Florida - and a few miles above when travelling elsewhere in Canada and the USA.

    Shout if you need anything... happy reading (and posting)
  3. gawber

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    :hi David

    I'm sure it'll not take you long to get into the swing of things!
  4. Dave 2nd2nd Cornet

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    :hi to tMP David:clap:
  5. PeterBale

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    Hi David, good to have you on board. As you get to know your way around, you may spot that Brian Bowen is one of our long-established members.
  6. DublinBass

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    Glad to have you on here and I hope you enjoyed the God & Country concert with the BBC a few years back!!
  7. DFBaker

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    Thank you

    Peter - I grew up at the Montclair Corps in New Jersey and can remember Brian's playing in the band on flugel quite well even though I was young. The way my father describes Brian having been a fellow band member of his was 'model bandsman'. Any time he has come back to be a guest conductor of the NYSB it has been very enjoyable to sit under his leadership. He knows exactly what he wants and commands it through his conducting style.

    Funny story though. I made a COMPLETE FOOL out of myself not long ago. The Music Department in the East put out a new edition of Caroler's Favorites. Brian came in to conduct a rather small group of us through the pieces in order to catch errant mistakes in the copies. I'm an Eb Bass player. That's it. The whole caboodle. I get down to the bandroom and they hand me the Bb part and tell me 'oops'. Well I'm one of those players who can't explain the music to you, but can play what you put in front of me. It was catch 22 for me. Couldn't transpose the music myself, and as it turned out, couldn't play a very good Bb Bass either. What a catasrophe that was to say the least!

    BBCBass - I enjoyed that concert and the fellowship very much. It is always fun to get together with other brass bands. I've been involved in a couple concerts with you I believe. Once with NYSB and another with Montclair Citadel Band. I read on another thread somewhere where there was talk of Army Bands getting ourselves in line to take part in the competitions. As far as I know and have heard, NYSB has no plans to ever compete. Although a lot of the players in the Staff Band would like to, it does not serve the purpose of our mission. A few years ago Aaron VanderWeele put together another band called Metro Brass and did two concerts, one with Joe Alessi and a recording with Joe as well. We talked about that band competing but nothing came of it and the band has not gotten together again in a few years. As much fun as we had, you can only be in so many bands and for most of us that was our third or fourth one. But back to the God & Country Concert, massed bands are usually interesting in the bass section and I remember that the most. Interesting because we sat every other seat and most of our bells were facing each other. Luckily the stage was well big enough to accomodate! BTW - who was the guy with the blue and gold tuba?
  8. John Brooks

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    Hi David,

    Your dad and I have crossed paths several times over the years. I used to live in Brantford which is where he may remember me from. Good to have you become part of tMP and please give your dad my best wishes.
  9. DFBaker

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    ...since my dad has been brought up...

    My dad is no Warren Deck or Sam Pilafian or Jonathan Sass, but...he is far and away the best Bb player I have had the chance to sit next to. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for the times I got to sit next to my dad in MCB and NYSB. Not a bad Bb player for being just 'a telephone guy'. The couple of special times we've been priveleged enough to do massed band items with the ISB have been incredible. Listening to Martin Tiplady and my dad give their basses a going over have been impressive.