Just moved to Doncaster!

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by nadband, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. nadband

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    Hi all!

    I have literally just moved up to Doncaster (strictly speaking High Melton) after doing all my playing in Cheshire/Staffordshire. Although my chops are well out of shape I fancy playing when I can although work and family means I can't commit to anything full time or too heavy so upper section playing (and I have played at championship/1st section) is out really. So if any lower section bands or concert bands fancy having a helper on the books let me know, I have a cornet of my own and will sit on 2nd/3rd mainly for now, but have played everything from 2nd man down to euph if you can provide it. I can happily play from bass clef on euph and eb bass though that sounds a bit rough! I also am happy to dep as a conductor having trained as one in my music degree at MMU.

    I also spent 9 years as MD of Nantwich and District Band, a concert band, and wrote many arrangements for them so if any wind band in south yorkshire fancies an arranger in residence for free get in touch, all I ask is the cost of paper and ink.

    Either drop a message here, pm me or email at s.thompson@vcmexams.co.uk as I'm on an examining trip this weekend.

  2. John_D

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    you have mail :)
  3. YorkshireBand

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    HI Stewart
    Have mailed you
  4. nadband

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    Thanks John have got it, will sort out this week.

    Yorkshire Band it's not come through can you resend it please?

    Cheers guys.

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