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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Liz Loftus, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Liz Loftus

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    Following on from the thread "training band challenge" We are looking at entering our first proper band contest with our Junior Band but are struggling to come up with a suitable test piece as it is an own choice contest. We have a mixture of youngsters ranging from primary School to 19 and as wide a range in ability. We want to pick something that isn't a "durge", that will challenge them but not over stretch them.

    Any ideas would be really welcomed
  2. tam-tam2

    tam-tam2 Member

    So Liz, are you looking for a test piece as such or an extended concert item? I can think of a few examples of both if you could provide a little more choice. We can also have a look through Lympstone's library and archive section to further your choice. I know my sister recently played some movements from Anglian Dances with her school band - Alan Fernie I believe,

    AEHOWGATE Member

    Stantonbury Festival by Ray Steadman-Allen is a good one.
    Best of luck with your junior band!
  4. tom_leather

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    As tam-tam said, it depends on your requirements, but my top recommendation is probably 'symphonie concertante' by Gerard Boedijn.
    3 movements, a chance for a couple of players to show off a bit, quite good fun, not too long... basically, it's a good mix of everything you need in a junior band I'd say :)
  5. tubbytuba

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    Hello Liz i remember the first test piece we played with our youth band it was the Rural Suite (Eric Ball) and the one our training band is paying for there first contest in April is Pennine Moor (Darroll Barry) the first piece is in 3 movements and a nice piece to play, the second is a bit more taxing,in 4 movements with a cracking 3rd movement,let me know if you want any more info Ta Dave
  6. matthetimp

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    Little Suite for Brass N0.1
  7. bbg

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    "Free World Fantasy " (Jacob de Haan) - perhaps more in the "extended concert" class more tha a true test piece but a decent test for a young band reference ensemble playing, tuning etc
  8. matt_BBb_bass

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    How about Pennie Moore?! Our junior band are playin it at the moment! Nt really that had of piece just things like counting! Can't remeber who wrote though think it was Kenneth Downie

  9. gaz

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    Partita we used to play this at Grimethorpe junior band & won many prizes not sure who arranged it as it was many years ago
  10. Frontman

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    A very good piece for a youth band is 'London River'. It is difficult enough for a Youth Band to take on as a first contest piece and the contents will keep the young players interested.
  11. MissRepiano

    MissRepiano New Member

    I've been trying to think of the name of that piece for ages Frontman!!! So thanks!
    I remember playing it with a youth band and a lot of the players had not been playing long. They handled it quite well, and I agree it will keep them interested.
  12. rebecca

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    Take a look on the Just Music website they've got some great youth/junior band stuff. Lythbank suite is a good test piece with a good variety in it.
  13. LeDragon

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    I seem to remember 'Thanet Seascapes' and 'A Sadleworth Suite' being good contest pieces from my junior band days. Can't recall the composer's name for either piece though I'm afraid.
  14. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Divertimento by Eric Ball;
    A good piece for Junior Bands to tackle i played it was my first junior band contest came 3rd on it as well.1975
    Indian Summer Eric Ball came 2nd 1976
    Little Suite For Brass No 1 1st 1977
    Suite Gothique 1st 1978
    but we had a cracking junior band with some brilliant members in the band at the time.
    These we played at the West Midland Assc ensemble contest held at Walsall.
    But played many pieces
    Three Songs Without Words 1st
    London River 1st
    and i will add we were never beaten from Sept 1976 until the band finished in 1978 at any junior band contest.
    Some really great times and what a great bunch of guys&gals we were all stuck as a team the attmosphere was great and when we went on stage to play we went on to WIN 2nd was never good enough for us the junior band was;
    Walsall Metropolitan Junior Band