June 2009 All Brass Band Radio Top 20

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    June's top 20 -- for the last half of the month when the new voting system was operational. The new rating system, instead of just up or down was replaced with 1 to 5 stars and gave much better info. But it has only been working for 15 days in June.

    Here is the Top 20 as voted on by the listeners:


    1. Charivari - The British Army Brass Band - Top Brass
    2. Bohemian Rhapsody - Kirkintilloch Band - Angels And Demons
    3. Fanfare for a Dignified Occasion with 1st Sea Lord HM Royal Marines - Fanfare Team - Eden
    4. Leichte Kavallerie - Black Dyke Band - Fantastic Overtures Vol. 3
    5. Spike Jones vs William Tell - The Fairey Band - Brass in Concert Championships
    6. Finale From The New World Symphony - Black Dyke Band - 150 Years of Black Dyke Mills Band
    7. Superman (Theme) - Grimethorpe Colliery UK Coal Band - Movie Brass
    8. Le Gendarme De Saint-Tropez - Brass Band Willebroek - Showbizz Forever
    9. Cry Of The Celts (Suil A Ruin) - Whitburn Band - Victory
    10. Anthem of the Free - Black Dyke Band - World Class Marches of The Salvation Army

    11. Serenity - Hamilton Temple Band - By Request
    12. Toccata In D Minor - All Star Girls Of Brass - All Star Girls Of Brass
    13. Grandfather's Clock - The BT Band - Celebration!
    14. Malaguena - Brass Band Of Columbus - The BBC Swings
    15. Constellation (Concert March) - Brass Band Bürgermusik Luzern - Minerva
    16. Mars The Bringer of War - Black Dyke Mills Band - The Planets
    17. The Flying Doctors - Brass Band de Wâldsang - This is Brass!
    18. Dragon's Rise - Tredegar Town Band - Spirit of the Valleys
    19. "Medley from the Broadway Musical ""Chess"" - Sound Inn Brass - Strike Up The Band
    20. Grace Alone (Arr. Craig Woodland) - London Citadel Band - The Blessing

    The new station is better quality and allows me more space. Hence some "older" CDs are in the mix.

    I always thank my sponsors:

    LOUD Stainless Steel mouthpieces at www.loudmouthpieces.com They also now make trumpet mouthpieces

    Wild Thing Instruments at www.FlipOakes.com They make some of the best instruments in the world. Cornets, Trumpets and Flugels. Flip Oakes is a true gentleman and an excellent player. He is running a rare thing for Wild Thing instruments, a discount. $200 off if you say the phrase. The phrase is a "radio coupon". Listen to the station and you will probably hear it soon in the playlist. If someone hears it and wants to post it as a reply to this thread, I have no problem with that.

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    The new station is on a UK server. I am fully licensed in the US which makes the broadcast legal. I upgraded to 96K/44mhz which sounds like a CD. If you hear something you like, I HIGHLY encourage you to buy the CD and support the band. You can buy it from the bands themselves, or places with www.ukcd.net (Midland CD) www.4barsrest.com (news and shopping), and World of Brass (www.worldofbrass.com).

    If you sell brass band related products, I have a few advert spots open at the moment. For about £1 or $1.40 day you can have radio ads on the station once an hour 24/7. I get listeners from all over the world - so day and night there are listeners logged on. If interested contact me at allbrass@gmail.com (Jim Fox).

    I will help you by finding professional voices, writing copy and producing ads to YOUR specs. It is a bargain. On the old station, the sound quality was low and the prices much higher. Join the internet radio revolution. I only want ads from brass band associated companies with some class -- so I reserve the right to turn down advertisers if they do not meet decent standards.

    Cheers and thanks for listening! Don't forget to vote again in July!

    Jim Fox, Ph.D.
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    Hello all from the other side of the pond,

    On the front page of the All Brass Band Internet Radio page (www.allbrassbands.com) I added a request, comment and shoutout form. I got my first request:

    Old Comrades.

    I would have thought I would have had several copies of it. Nope, just one. But it is now it the mix. If you have a question, comment, or request -- please let me know.

    The voting system, with 1 to 5 stars gives a lot more detail. Please feel listen and vote. The more info I have, the better product I can provide.

    Two other matters. The recession is a killer right now. I actually had one advertiser pull his ads because his supplier could no longer keep up even getting raw materials. It is a mess. He has plenty of orders but cannot fill them. So strange.

    Another one just gave up because of the recession.

    Therefore I have two slots open (a rarity). It you are interested in very inexpensive advertising that hits the world (32 countries) and really makes your brand stand out, let me know at allbrass@gmail.com or PM me.

    If you are not in a business, but like the station and would like to help -- on the front page is a donation button. Every little bit helps. I make no money on the station. I just TRY and break even. So any donation is always appreciated.


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    More requests -- great! I remember someone asked (darned if I can find the thread) when Respighi's Church Windows would be put up on the station. I did so tonight (morning in Europe) Done by Norridge Citadel Band. It is an arrangement by William Gordon and is fantastic - at least in my opinion.

    It is available from shop.salvationarmy.org which only ships to US, Canada and Mexico. Perhaps WOB would order it. (Maybe Carl will enlighten us).

    Some good stuff has been put up recently as I have more room and can put up longer pieces and at 96K/44mhz which sounds great (but requires broadband).

    But I have regular listeners from all over Europe, Japan, NZ, Australia, Canada.

    Anyway, for the one that wanted to know, it is up along with about 30 new great tracks.