July 3-19th 2010

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    I posted this earlier today but seems to have vanished? If this means has been moved to another areas and is now up twice (though here seems the best place for it) I am sorry but did not want you all to miss out on whats happening in July this year.

    After much work they have managed to get it off the ground again this year BRASS Durham International Festival is happening again!

    Who is on and when will be announced next week but I think it is looking good again.

    This year there will be lots going on just some are listed below:

    Fodens (no need to say anything but these guys are on form!)

    London Brass (if you have not seen them don't miss it 10 strong and great players)

    The Miners Hymns (New commission by Johann Johannsson and a new film using archive brass band footage by artist Bill Morrison) all in the amazing Durham Cathedral

    Marceo Parker and Dennis Rollings

    James Taylor Quartet

    Dr Teeth Big Band

    Matt Halsall One of the fastest growing names in Jazz at the moment.

    The Festival will also play host to the debut of:
    The Dr Martin Bequest Brass Band Competition
    Bands competing for 7.5k of prize money

    Japur Kawa Brass Band from India

    The Glenn Miller Ochestra

    Led Bib Empirical

    The Durham Miners Gala 35+ Brass Bands will be playing at this amazing event on the middle weekend of the Festival and there is always room for more bands to join us!

    Haggis Horns and Craig Charles (yes him of Red Dwarf)

    La Brass Banda (German high energy brass band)

    Pee Wee Ellis (recognised as the inventor of Funk)

    Theatre Titanick (major Street theatre from Germany working with a with a brass Band)

    The festival is a non profit event and supports education workshops with over 2,000 school children across County Durham and holds 80 community and other free events and it all happens over two weeks.

    BRASS takes brass playing to a new audience raising the profile of British Brass players and brass bands to an international audience. It gives our young brass players a chance to see and play with other brass players from across the world showing our brass bands as having a leading role in an international network of brass playing.

    It is now well on the road to becoming the biggest gathering of brass players in the world! but as always it needs you to support it and enjoy it, so why not come along and have a great time. Opportunities still available for brass bands and brass players to take part or just come and listen.

    A variety of accommodation is still available, special rates for members of bands playing at the festival (you can still book your band in).

    More details will be on the Festival website soon to go live so keep checking it out you can find it by googling: BRASS Durham International Festival.
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    Spennymoor Brass Band + Beat and Blow

    International collaboration at BRASS

    Many brass bands that come to Durham share their passion for brass music by engaging a wider audience through workshops in schools, performances in community venues and street performances in towns throughout County Durham.

    Spennymoor + Beat n Blow (Germany)

    Three sharing sessions will be held with Spennymoor Town Band between the Monday 28 June and Friday 2 July to develop a number of new collaborative compositions.
    These new compositions will then be performed at Spennymoor Settlement on Friday 2 July, Spennymoor Gala on Saturday 3 of July and Streets of Brass: Durham on the Sunday 4 July.​
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