July 2009 All Brass Band Radio Top 20

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    Here are the top brass band tunes as voted on by the listeners of the station at:

    The new voting system works great. Listeners can (and do) rate the tunes played 1 to 5 if they feel moved to do so. On the main page you can listen, watch the album covers, and see the name of the band and the title of the tune.

    Tune/Band/CD or DVD

    1. Amazing Grace - Phantom Regiment - Ornaments in Brass
    2. Toccata from Organ Symphony No. 5 (Widor) - Black Dyke Band - Essential Dyke Volume VIII
    3. Shenandoah - Carolina Crown - Finis
    4. Benedictus - Clifton & Lightcliff Band - Rise of the Phoenix
    5. Pirates Of The Caribbean - Oberaargauer Brass Band - The Great Film Heroes
    6, Abide With Me - NZ Community Trust Woolston Brass - Sacred
    7. Medley from the Broadway Musical "Chess" - Sound Inn Brass - Strike Up the Band
    8. Highland Cathedral w Bagpipes - The Scots Guards - Spirit of the Highlands
    9. Spike Jones vs William Tell - The Fairey Band - Brass in Concert Championships
    10. The Typewriter - Ipswich And Norwich Coop Band - A Suffolk Prelude

    11. Glorious Ventures - Black Dyke & International Staff Band - Epic Brass
    12 Beyond The Sea - Brass Band Willebroek - Caribbean Beat
    13. Batman - Oberaargauer Brass Band - The Great Film Heroes
    14. Theme From JAG - Brass Band Willebroek - Let's Get Loud
    15. Queen Of The Night - The Cory Band - Two Part Invention
    16. Bohemian Rhapsody - Kirkintilloch Band - Angels And Demons
    17. Clear Skies (David Daws, Soloist) - International Staff & Black Dyke Bands - Centenary Concert of Eric Ball
    18. Dances And Allelluias - Black Dyke Band - Music For Battle Creek
    19. With Flying Fingers - Brighouse & Rastrick Band - Strangers In The Night
    20. Jupiter The Bringer of Jollity - Black Dyke Mills Band - The Planets

    The station currently has no sponsors. The recession has forced my sponsors to pull back, when the station is listened to by more people that ever before. I am doing a pastoral internship (which you do for free) so I am making no money at the moment.

    If you would like to help, on the main page of the website, there is a donation button. Better yet, if you would like to reach thousands of listeners a month for $100 (about £65) a month (one advert an hour 24/7 - professionally produced) I would glad to take on some new sponsors.

    In the 5+ years I have been running this station, it has really grown. I have well over 350 brass band CDs. But to keep the music fresh, I must buy new CDs and ad new tunes and drop poorly rated ones.

    I love working on the station. I have to match the tune with a cover and do many things. Please donate if you would like to help. Sponsors who have brass band items to sell this is great and very targeted advertising.

    I would like to thank Lake Music for donating 4 CDs this month. That was very generous of them. Support the bands and those who sell the CDs by buying them. Copying music is just wrong - it hurts the bands and all involved.


    www.allbrassradio.com All brass bands, all the time.
    You can contact me a allbrass@gmail.com with questions, suggestions, requests, or just about anything.
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    It has been almost 6 years, and the station has thousands of listeners. But I have lost my job and my wife wants a divorce. I cannot afford such an expensive hobby. No one stepped up to advertise -- so enjoy it the last few days.

    It goes off the air no later that Sept 1.

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    This is so sad, I was only listening yesterday. Your station was a great way of finding about band music I'd never heard of, as well as listening to classics. I guess people will only miss it when it's gone. Hope things get better for you.
  4. DocFox

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    Kind of you to say. I needed only a sponsor or two to make it work. I have asked everyone I know and many and do not. In bad economic times, people pull back on advertising, despite if it is successful or not.

    The good news is, my wife is not making me leave. The bad news is, I have not had a job since I left the hospital after nearly dying. My wife then needed surgery and our financial situation dropped like a rock.

    Hosting is easy. Paying the licensing fees, and buying CDs is VERY expensive. I charge 25% of what the internet fee charts recommend. Still, no one wants to advertise. In fact, most do not even answer my email requests.

    I have loved it. But without long term sponsors, I cannot carry on.

    Thanks to all

  5. DocFox

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    I forgot my password (maybe one of the admins can help) to my "DocFox" account and since I changed emails, I cannot get it. If you want me, my new email is DrJAFox@gmail.com


    Jim Fox
  6. DocFox

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    All I need to keep the station going is one or two sponsors. Anyone interested, use the email above and contact me.

  7. DocFox

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    Good News! I got one sponsor. I really need two, but with one I can keep the station going. Yeah! If some mod would help me by changing the email on my old account, I would appreciate it.


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