JULY - 2008 Miners Gala + some dates

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    Just to let anyone who is interested know that:

    The ever wonderful Brighouse will play in Durham at the Gala Theatre on 5th July

    Streets of Brass 6th July in Durham City. Bands from across the world play in the streets of Durham City. OK not all traditional Brass Bands but I hope there will be a few of the local bands joining the French, Indian, American, German street band this year. Bands are welcome to join the fun!

    Teesdale Brass Contest will be on 6th July at the stunning Bowes Museum.

    The 125th Durham Miners Gala on 12th July (always a great day!). They are always looking for more bands to march with communities and their banners!
    Can get in touch via BRASS info@brassfestival.co.uk
    The Last of the Great Miners Galas so lets not let this one die! Come and support it, become part of an amazing history, have a drink, have fun and play alongside some great bands!
    Good people, good music, good booze!

    Northern Proms at the Chester-le-Street Cricket Ground will I believe be on the the 12th July (you may need to check this one though)

    County Durham BBA Entertainment Contest and Picnic at the DLI Museum in Durham on 20th July

    More events will be posted as we confirm them.

    Hope you can get to some of these events and join us for a great time!

    Brassy Boy

    Oh and of course there will be BRASS Festival events going on for the whole two weeks for more info email info@brassfestival.co.uk


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