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    My sister has just moved on to horn from Baritone and is after a mouthpiece bigger than a Denis Wick 2. She has been advised that Josef Klier make bigger mouthpieces.

    Can anyone offer help on where to buy them from or if there are any alternatives.

  2. Redhorn

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    You can get information, and indeed buy them, from dillon music in USA.


    The largest JK mouthpiece measures as follows:
    Bore 4.8 Width 30mm Cup 19mm

    Whereas the DW 2 measures as follows:
    Bore 5.2 Width 30.63 mm Cup 19mm

    So, that suggests that the JK ISNT bigger than the DW2.

    Schilke and Bach do bigger ones in terms of cup size, but I find you end up sounding like a trumpet player using those (cant remember the stats, but i think some elements of them are smaller than the DW2, therefore producing a thinner sound!)

    Costs money- but maybe you could investigate having a bach rim placed onto a DW body......
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    I have played on a JK plexiglass mouthpiece for the past 3 years and have just purchased a new one direct from Germany. Please pm me if you require contact details for ordering etc.
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    oo nice. I use one. think they are class.

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