Jose..did he walk, or was he told to walk?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by 2nd man down, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. 2nd man down

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    Bit of a shocker this if you ask me..I hadn't realised things had got so bad at the Bridge.

    Looks like three domestic cups and two league titles jusr aren't regarded as success any more. :-?

    Russian squillionaires, they want the moon on a stick don't they?
  2. Terrible Timp

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    He's obviously had a major row it looks like a good old fashioned case of i'll walk before he gets chance to say those dreaded words !!

    Quote of the day so far regarding his successor has come from Pat Nevin.......... ""Avram Grant is going to be as welcome as Camilla at Diana's memorial."
  3. Chunky

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    Avram Grant? When I saw the headline Grant new manager of Chelsea I got all interested! Thought Peter the Pointer was on his way!
  4. simonbassbone

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    Some interesting questions to speculate on.
    What will this do to Chelsea's title challenge? Blow a big hole in it I hope:)

    Where will Jose go next? Real Madrid maybe?

    Who'll be next at Stamford Bridge? Guus Hiddink seems to be a favourite but isn't available till Russia are out of the Euros.

    Could be fun to watch if you're not a Chelsea fan.;)
  5. ploughboy

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    Let some other B*****s get all the grief for a change!!
  6. MissBraz

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    What an awful day. I was already for a lie in this morning and then mum woke me up to tell me. This should be made an official day of mourning!!! Im going to be going to that protest!!! Lol!
  7. geordiecolin

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    Have you heard about the new Chelsea fragrance??

    It's called "Yougo Boss"

  8. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    Why do clubs do that stupid Director of football thing. It always seems to meam the manages leaves and the director of football replaces him.
  9. Jesus HOW tedious has today been. I listen to Radio1 at work and EVERY single news bulletin began: "JOSE MOURINHO LEAVES CHELSEA!!"



    Someone remind me again - what was the name of that legendary man who drove a car for a living and died tragically in a helicopter crash last week? Colin something?

    Some people ought to start getting a little more of a life. Seriously.
  10. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Exactly. Thanks for making just about the only sensible comment I've heard all day on this subject.
  11. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Pretty obvious to me.

    Andrei Schevchenko is an Icon amongst slavonic football fans, and the Ukraine was once part of russia.

    Roman Abramovic desides he wants Schevchenko playing for his team, so buys him and tells mourinho to pick him.

    Mourinho knows he's old, past it and far too rich to care about football, so doesn't pick him.

    Abramovic stamps his little golden-shod feet, throws a few bags of money out of his pram, and brings in his personal friend Avram Grant to spy on Mourinho.

    As soon as Chelsea hit a striking crisis and have to recall Schevchenko, it becomes obvious how old and past it he really is.

    Mourinho and Abramovic have a falling out about it, the main thrust of Jose's argument being "I told you so" and the main thrust of Roman;s being "I don't care, I'm filthy rich."

    Mourinho realises who's really running the team, realises his position is untenable, that Abromovic would rather throw the title away than admit he's wrong, and that Grant was always going to take over anyway, so packs his bags and leaves the whole of stamford bridge looking very silly.

    A band cannot function if the conductor is not in charge. A football club is the same. If the chairman undermines the manager as frequently as Roman has, he has ends up with no authority.

    Jose must feel completely let down. I hope whoever he signs up with turn chelsea over in the champions league or something.
  12. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    Totally agree. Always thought that conductor should decide who sits where, as aren't they employed because they are a better leader of the band than anyone else in the band? Same for a manager.

    As for the parallel with the Colin McRae story, its different. OK Some people only know about football and don't care about other sports, but also, with the Colin McRae story, surely everybody's comment is the same, ie 'tragic loss of one of Britain's greatest sportsmen and other young lives' so not much of a debate. Loads of repetition of this doesn't achieve anything, and can board on competititive grief: 'I was shocked and saddened', 'I was really really shocked and saddened', like the how paralysed by grief the death of Princess Di made you.

    The Mourinho story, while freely admitting that McRae has been far more of a great British sporting figure, does at least bring up genuine debate about things like the relative power of chairmen and managers.
  13. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Not to mention the huge difference in fan base, therefore showing why the (hugely over-inflated) coverage the Morinho soap affair has received ie. to sell newspapers and gain more viewer for tv programmes
  14. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    I agree with both of the last two posts, when a death is involved any coverage tends to be quite repetitive, however I have to say that the radio coverage of Morinho's sacking was equally repetitive.

    As far as the fan base goes, lets not forget that the RAC, or Rally UK (or whatever they are chosing to call in today) is still the biggest single spectator event in the UK - I guess if you add all the fans of the teams in the premiership together then that would be more, but lets not forget that Morinho was Chelsea manager who have a fan base in the region of 50 000 - rally fans in this country total over 200 000 and I'm sure they all greave the passing of Colin McRae.

    What I'm trying to get at is this - using Radio 1 as a basis (OK not exactly a news channel, but its what I happen to listen to on my way into and out of work). MacRae's death was still news on Monday - but it was 3rd or 4th down the list of sports news, remember that we're talking about somone who was probably the best ever in their sport, a World Champion who (despite being in a minority sport) nearly won the BBC's sports personality of the year and through gaming brought their sport to a much larger audience. Morinho's sacking was top story of everything for the breakfast show on Wednesday, which was OK as it all happened overnight, but I couldn't believe it was still top story at 5:45 when I was driving home - and again this morning (top sports story). To be blunt, he is a terrific manager and character, who was sacked. But a sense of perspective is needed. He is just a football manager after all, successful to Chelsea, but has he influenced his sport beyond it's normal fanbase? People might be gutted by this, but how many lives have been fundimentally ruined? None. And is Morinho a genuine football legend? At the moment I don't think so.

    As for that silly bint who decided she "couldn't work because Jose had gone", am I the only one wishing that her employers had the sense to give her the heave-ho? Not just for having such a lame excuse for missing a day's work, but then going on national radio and admitting the fact?
  15. ekimmort

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    Forget all the media hype.
    The real reason he has left Chelski is that he would have to travel to the KC Stadium this coming wednesday to play a cup match against the Magnificent HULL CITY.
    He thought it would be better to walk now rather than to be pushed on thursday.
  16. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Good point - who'd wanna go there?!
  17. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    I'd disagree he was probably the best ever. True, a single world championship is scant reward for a man of his talents, but probably the reason he only won it the once was he was up against the likes of Sainz, Kankunnen, Makkinen and burns, all of whom rank above him in my book.

    Getting back to Jose, I still think he's better off without Chelsea, and the interfering chap upstairs.

    Whether Chelsea are better off without him remains to be seen - and I would suspect they'll probably not be. I also doubt Avram grant has the credentials to carry on mourinho's winning ways, and has been appointed more because he'll do what abramovic tels him, rather than for any footballing reason.

    I doubt arsenal have the depth to win the title this year. Liverpool do, but they're stuttering a bit so far. I've a feeling Chelsea might well be about to hit the skids, and nobody else has the quality to fight it out at the top.

    Brace yourselves folks, it looks like we're all chasing Man U again.
  18. The parellel was not made in regards to the coverage but to the hype. I have never heard such a load of rubbish. People taking days off work, hours upon hours of, seriously, the most dramatic talk ever. Like Jose had lost his legs and arms and was unable to coach another match again (hold the disability support / victimisation / equality societies...)

    A man has been sacked. He was good at what he did. Do I really have to hear about it for hour upon hour upon hour, over and over and over?! Well, yes, I do... that was a stupid question. I'd much rather hear dramatic (even if repetative) talk for a man that will never be able to do his job again because he plunged to his death with his 5 year old son.

    Sure, discussing why he was sacked makes sense. Debating why he was/wasn't pushed out is a topic of interest. But headline news?

    And no... I don't care and never have cared about the hype of Diana either. There is no comparison whatsoever though.
  19. Jose was pushed because he knew that his millionaires couldn't beat Liverpool and needed a ridiculously stupid penalty to get a half decent result....

    Hell's teeth, Avram who? 2-0 loss at Chelsea, a massive 4-0 to Hull (whoopee!) and a lucky 0-0 at home to Fulham.......

    Chelsea's Kings Road bajillionaires defo got the right man!!!!!!

  20. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Should I change the thread name to

    "Just how pants at Football Management is Avram Grant...and who the hell is he anyway?"?

    Not had the most auspicious of starts has he?