Joint University Brass Band Concert

Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by jonford, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. jonford

    jonford Member

    LUUMS Brass Band (Leeds University Union Music Society), Durham University Brass Band and the University of Warwick Brass Society will join together for a special concert in the Great Hall at the University of Leeds on Saturday 25th February.

    Last year the Leeds and Durham bands shared the concert stage in Durham. The concert this year has arisen through a number of coincidences, Ben Ridgeon, a manager of LUUMS is the twin brother of Joe the conductor of Durham. Lucy Jackson, the secretary of LUUMS has a brother Chris who is the president of Warwick. The three bands are very much looking forward to the concert on what promises to be an exciting and enjoyable evening. Each band will play their own programme before the bands get together for a spectacular massed band finale which will include Hymn to the Fallen, Shine as the Light and Procession to the Minster.

    The concert starts at 7:30pm and tickets will be available on the door priced £4, £3 and £2.
  2. scalli

    scalli New Member

    it's gonna be a wicked concert

    and the pre- and post-concert social events will be just as good!!

    three bands full of students drinking.....hmmmm
  3. davidsait

    davidsait Member

    I'm seriously looking forward to this!
  4. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    I helped out at the Durham/Leeds concert last year. It was a great laugh, even if in our wisdom we left my car down Old Elvet with several thousand pounds worth of various instruments in overnight!! Mind you, I never get the pint i was promised for playing :( I had travelled up from Sheffield especially.
  5. should be fun :)

    any idea about Durham and Warwick's programmes?
  6. scalli

    scalli New Member

    i think we're playing celtic suite and 3 movements of call of the cossacks

    we're playing those pieces and many more in our concert next wednesday:
    (sorry for the shameless plug!!!)

    wot're leedsand durham playing??
    the joint items sound like a monstrous effort!!! i hope we don't deafen too many people!!!
  7. jonford

    jonford Member

    Leeds programme includes Prelude for an Occasion, Amazing Grace and theme from Batman the movie. Looking forward to it now!
  8. Ooh, i like Celtic Suite! Should be a really good concert :)
  9. m.f.cooper

    m.f.cooper Member

    Yeah, but too much drinking before might not be a good thing for our playing!

    As are we all!
  10. davidsait

    davidsait Member

    Then I'm sorry to have to tell you that I think we've dropped Celtic Suite from our set. (Nothing personal, Philip.)
  11. jonford

    jonford Member

    Looking forward to hearing Call of the Cossacks though. Great piece. So apart from those tmpers who have replied so far, are any others playing in the concert, or coming to watch us?!
  12. Brucey D

    Brucey D New Member

    You might not be up for drinking on Friday, Matt, but I'm definitely up for a few bevvies. Huh, lightweight bass section. We've dropped Celtic Suite? I didn't know that... what for? Gonna be amazing. Can't wait :)
  13. scalli

    scalli New Member

    don't forget the joint Leeds and Warwick Curry on Friday Night!!!

  14. tubadaz

    tubadaz Member

    Much as I'd like to pop across from York for this concert, unfortunately we have our Uni concert band rehearsal on Saturday night (5 'till 7, followed by Pub!! :D), so it looks like I'll have to give it a miss this time! :(

    Best wishes for the concert,

  15. missflugel

    missflugel Member

    Hope the concert goes as well if not better than the one in Durham last year, cant believe its come round already. Best of luck to al the Durham Brass Band people, hope you all have a great night just sorry I cant be there

    Jo x
  16. picju96

    picju96 Member

    I'm playing, looking forward to it!
  17. Brucey D

    Brucey D New Member

    Darryl, pull a sickie from your Concert Band rehearsal and come to our concert with some support from Shepherds! What are you doing mentioning such inferior musical ensembles as concert bands on tmp anyway?

  18. m.f.cooper

    m.f.cooper Member

    Everyone have fun this weekend?

    Everyone remember this weekend? ;)
  19. what a good concert! the massed bands sounded immense - a big thank you to everyone who made it possible! :)
  20. Brucey D

    Brucey D New Member

    The massed band was HUGE. Really enjoyed it, although I did almost pass out on the last note of Procession :)

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