Joint Rehearsal - 3 Brass Bands

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by GEN, Jul 11, 2008.

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    Does anyone have experience with holding a reading session and inviting members of other bands to sit in?

    There are three brass bands in Minnesota. I'm in the Sheldon Theatre Brass Band. We've invited the Winona Brass Band and the Lake Wobegon Brass Band to join us for a reading session next month, and due to vacations and being rather late in the planning, it looks like we'll have a total of perhaps 45 players. We're figuring that we'll need to make extra copies of the tuba parts for the rehearsal and that the others can read two to a stand. (Extra percussion won't be a problem; we'll be lucky to have the parts covered.:() We might have name tags, since not everybody knows everybody else. We might also take a somewhat longer break than usual to allow for social interaction, and of course, we'll invite all to our favorite pub after rehearsal. What else should we consider?
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    There was a simlar thing at the Ohio Brass Arts Festival last month. The name tags really help.

    The social event to help with the mixing is key as well. It looks like you have all the major bases covered from what I can remember from events I have been to.

    The only thing I might suggest is making sure all three conductors get a turn.

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