John Thomas Dodd

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    The death has been anounced of Tommy Dodd, formerly 1st baritone with Grimethorpe for a lot of years, Tommy was a fine musician and baritone player, and a Gentleman may I add, I think he was already at Grimey when I joined in 1961 and I think he was still there when I left in 1986, Tommy arranged the Gliere, "Russian Sailors Dance" for Grimethorpe, ( Granada contest?) I was brought up on the same street as Tommy,so I have known him since childhood, a sad loss indeed, DEREK DAWSON
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    As a Baritone player myself he was a player who i always used to like to hear at contests one of the best .
    God Bless
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    Hi Derek, so sorry to hear of Tommy's death he was indeed a fine Baritone player and it was a pleasure to have played along side him.
    How old was he Derek??
    any details of the funeral, unfortunately I go away next week to spain for 2 weeks
    but let me know anyway
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    Colin, I composed a lengthy reply to you earlier and somehow I think it may not have arrived to you, for some reason my BT broadband keeps closing down and I lose the item, I think it's time for a new provider, anyway, I didn't get the information about Tommy's funeral until today, after the event which is a shame, he would have been 77/78, so, sorry about that mate, have a good holiday and will speak to you later. DEREK