Joe Cook/Richard Martin/Sunderland Symphony Orchestra - Sunderland Minster, 2nd July

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  1. geordiecolin

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    Sunderland Symphony Orchestra
    Conductor: Ray Farr


    "Classical Brass"

    Friday 2nd July at 7.30pm
    Sunderland Minster


    G. Rossini - The Thievish Magpie

    J.N Hummell - Trumpet Concerto in Eb (Soloist; Richard Martin, Northern Sinfonia)

    R. Vaughn-Williams - Tuba Concerto (Soloist: Joe Cook, Black Dyke Band)

    R. Vaughn-Williams - English Folk Song Suite

    A great opportunity to see two quality soloists in action!

    Tickets: £8/£5
  2. GeordieSop

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    never heard much of this being advertised... i'll deffo be there
  3. geordiecolin

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    Nice one Ross. It's just been advertised on 4BR today too. I'm looking forward to hearing the RVW played well.
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    off topic

    Colin can you delete some of your private messages please. I've just tried to send you one but your box is full
  5. Neil Hillier

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    Are you playing on Sunday when it is repeated in Durham with funding from BRASS.

    Goodfor those that are attending another event on the Saturday or just unable to make it to have a second chance!

    Classical Brass
    A Symphony Orchestra concert with two top brass soloists.
    Sunderland Symphony Orchestra – Conductor Ray Farr
    Soloists: Richard Martin: trumpet (from Northern Sinfonia) and
    Joe Cook Tuba (from Black Dyke).

    Durham Town Hall


    Ticket prices as for Sunderland £5 and £8
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  6. Neil Hillier

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    Colin Sorry just seen your other post, so I take it you are also in Durham!

    Hope you enjoy the Festival are you playing in any of the other events?


  7. geordiecolin

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    Me? Yes, will be at the Miner's Gala and at the DLI contest with Westoe.
  8. Neil Hillier

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    Great! What a Star!

    Are you going to be in Durham City on Satuday daytime for the City of BRASS It will be interesting to see the result of the Spennymoor + Beat and Blow commission!

    Keep up the great work Colin!

  9. geordiecolin

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    No, I'll be playing at The Cookson Parade in South Shields. :-D

    You should really stop trying to disguise your unashamed plugs as innocent conversation..... ;-)