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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by SuperCat, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. SuperCat

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    Just wondered if there's any HR or union boffins out there who could help on this ASAP please.
    I work in Local Government (no mickey taking please!) and have applied for an internal job. Since the closing date for the post has gone I have transferred to another Council, and my former councils HR advised that I was eligible to apply for the job, even though I was due to leave.

    Since I have been invited for interview and about a week after received abother letter saying that I'm not allowed to go to the interview since they now consider me to be external. Can they do this? I have received other advise from other councils HR depts who have said that they would progress the application.

    Please help, the interview is supposed to be next Monday.


  2. andywooler

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    Do you have this in writing?
    Are you a member of a Trade Union? If so, I would seek their advice urgently!
  3. TheMusicMan

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    As Andy asks, do you have this in writing...? in an email perhaps as this would do (they are tagged you see)? If you do have this is writing, then the Council cannot do this. if you do not have this in writing AND you want to remain with Council 1 AND you don't mind a fight... then get legal advice.
  4. BigHorn

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    Sorry but I can't see that you have any rights at all in this.
    If I am reading your post correctly, you applied for an Internal job, left to work for someone else and now want to insist you have a right to be interviewed by someone you no longer work for.
    The fact that your old HR department said there was no harm in you APPLYING even though at that time you were expecting to leave, does not mean you have a RIGHT to be considered.
    They have reconsidered your application and found that you no longer qualify, or prefer other applicants, and have altered their mind about interviewing you. Legally I cant see they have done anything wrong, or broken any contracts. They did consider your application..... and rejected it.
  5. SuperCat

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    I actually asked for advice, not to be told what happened wrongly by someone that hasn't got a clue.

    I have in fact got a letter back from the HR dept involved who admit that the matter got confused and therefore advised me wrongly.

    Thanks for all your help everyone else. I am in touch with a trade union rep for some advice on this.

    Ps: Big Horn - HR didn't say there is no harm in me applying for the job, they said I was eligible to apply for it even though I was due to leave. Unless you still think you know better, that's what happened.
  6. SuperMosh

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    For what it is worth....

    Fight them on the beaches!

    Do you think you have been treated unfairly? I have just scouted through my Reps Handbook and no mention here although a decent rep could threaten discrimination - how long did you work for the council before you left? was there any issues which caused you to leave? For all we know you may have been fired lol :rolleyes:

    On a plus note - this may be a first for the council and perhaps even your union. Rumour has it that councils (I work in one myself) get a bit rubber underpanted when test tribunals loom - they are creatures of habit after all. Most likely if you pursued action they would back down. However, it does beg the question, would you work there anyway - after all this malarkey?

    On a downer side - some smart money would have to ride on this being INTERNAL job you applied for whilst you was, well, internal. By making yourself external, then you may have invalidated your application. As for emails, most councils carry huge disclaimers and cases have been lost (so I have heard) where emails have been used to support. I suppose that's why despite living in a techno world, people only get hired with formal letters of acceptance and sadly fired, with again, letters.

    Massive post, muchos rambling and hope I haven't soured this any more but top advice re getting the union in.

    Good luck matey

    Which Union are you in? GMB? Unison? (other trade unions are available, go to generic huge number named search engine to find them)
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  7. SuperCat

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    Hey all,
    Thanks for all your help. The Council have now filled the post internally (surprise, surprise! weren't gonna let it go external were they??!).

    Thanks for all your help. I've decided that my old boss is a 'bleep' and wouldn't want to go back there now anyway!


  8. BigHorn

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    Hey Supercat steady on.. you are being very aggressive here. You asked for advice and I gave you my opinion. The fact that it wasn't what you wanted to hear does not mean that you should be so rude.

    I did not presume to know all the facts of this case I was interpreting what was likely to have happened from your description. But what I said seems to be what did happen i.e. they changed their mind about your qualification for an internal job.

    If you want to pick over semantics (i.e. your ps) and take offence then thats up to you, but I assure you nothing I wrote was intended to offend it was only to warn you that you were probably on a hiding to nothing. I did start my post with 'Sorry...'

    I wish you luck in your new job.... and hope you are more chilled out when you need to ask advice from your new colleagues :wink:
  9. SuperMosh

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    I feel the need for some therapy here

    Any passing Mods - I have an answer for this. Please, please, please can you ask theMusicMan if a new Mod title be set up - tMP Jeremy Kyle - bagsy I do it. I reckon there is a need for some mediation and a good quality studio audience is just a waiting in the wings.....
  10. SuperCat

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    I asked for actual advice not your opinion:mad: . What got me wound up was that you presumed (wrongly) to know what happened. I didn't say that HR advised there was no harm in applying, they said that I was eligible for the post.

    Anyway, thank you for your opinion anyway. I've decided that I wouldn't want to go back to work for my old boss now anyway, as he was a complete patronising ******* when I spoke to him on the phone about it. Oh and at least my new colleagues would have a clue what I was asking about ...

    Cheers everyone

    ps going to look for more jobs now!
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  11. BigHorn

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    I think you should look up the word semantics in a dictionary.
    We are both saying exactly the same thing
    Yes you can - yes you are eligible - yes there's no harm. I was generalising not quoting.
    I offer you my opinion - I offer you my advice

    The point of my post was not to second guess private correspondence between you and your ex-employer, it was to warn you that in applying for a job you have very little inherant rights.
    They hold all the cards and can basically do what they like outside the laws on gender and race.

    I have twice been in a situation where I went for an interview, was invited for a second interview and then received a letter saying sorry interview cancelled, the job has been filled. And yes I was naffed off like you - but thats life.

    Remember if 25 people go for a job, 24 are rejected for some reason or another.

    PS - I don't expect to get an abusive reply saying I don't know what I'm talking about because only 14 people applied not 25. I'm genuinely sorry you were messed about and can understand your frustration. Please don't take that frustration out on people who were only trying to help.
  12. SuperCat

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    Thanks, I do know what it means, just trying to make the point of what got me wound up. You'll notice I did thank everyone for trying to help.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your opinion or advice or whatever.

    Ps thats tame, not abusive! Fortunately, I'm not quite as mad as a wasp about this! Not you - the HR idiots - just befoe i get accused of being abusive again!!! :)