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    Hello, I'm jeremy, creator of the jeunaturel wooden mouthpieces.

    These mouthpieces are designed to provide you a much comfortable experience and a warmer tone.
    They are entirely handcrafted with beech wood and are dipped in a beewax hot bath to raincoat and protect the wood .The wood is less slippery than brass so it gives a better support to your lips, therefore your endurance and your comfort are largely improved .

    I do custom models on demand at very affordable prices (65 to 70$)

    I've been selling this mouthpieces on ebay since 4 years now and all the customer are very satisfied with it (100% positive feedback), so please have a look and don't hesitate to ask me questions if you need.

    jeunaturel on eBay


    Wooden mouthpieces for brass instruments by jeunaturel