Jeanie with the light brown hair - Solo part missing

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  1. swisscornet

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    Hi guys,

    we have Elgar Howarths beautiful arrangement of 'Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair' in our library and I wanted to have a run through at the next rehearsal. However, all parts except the Euphonium soloists part are there!

    Can anyone help?

  2. Accidental

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    Have you tried the publisher (Just Brass) or someone like Just Music? I've got replacement parts really cheaply from them before.
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  3. Andrew Norman

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    Studio Music have it and are always very good at supplying replacement parts at a very reasonable price.
  4. swisscornet

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    already checked. Wrong arrangement. :(

    Just Music also don't have it on their website. Have sent an email, but no reply yet.
  5. Andrew Norman

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    Studio do have the Elgar Howarth arrangement - they handle the Chester catalogue.
    Studio are always worth a call - even if you can't see what you want they can often get it.
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    my brother Carl may have a spare part, he is euphamism on TMP or email me
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