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    I'm inspired by some of the amazing jazz players out there and those that can recreate the effects on Tuba. I want to be able to play this! :cool:

    For example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCbfxEK-Y9A

    I'd like to develop my playing in this area and learn new skills, especially around jazz improvisation and similar. Can anyone suggest some suitable reading, tutorials etc I can use and play from to learn new techniques to help? Any other ideas?

    It could either be Tuba specific or for other brass instruments.

    Cheers all! :)
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  3. BrianT

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    Best Improv Book

    Best book is one I bought recently called Amazing Phrasing published by Hal Leonard. Got mine for £10 from Blackwells Music shop in Oxford. It contains 50 different ways to improve your improvisation. I'm working through the diminished scales at the moment. There's lots of other stuff on scales and intervals, and some nice written-out solos. It's a trumpet book but there's nothing you couldn't use on Tuba.
    This book suits me because it's pattern based. They give you lots of patterns and you have to transpose by ear into all twelve keys. Useful accomp CD provided. It's brain melting at first but it gets easier. Like I said the best improv book I own.
  4. floppymute

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    I don't know if this is still available, but I used it to teach improv for many years with success. Easy to follow and works in measured steps with backing tracks :
    Learning Unlimited, Jazz Improvisation Series, 'Making The Changes' by Dominic Spera, published by Hal Leonard
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    All you have to do is make sure you know all the chords on all the degrees of all the scales in all the keys. After that it's easy ...

    [where's that tongue-in-cheek smiley when you need it ... ]

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