James Shepherd Versatile Brass - Reunion Concert

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  1. satchmo101

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    Noticed the following concert on the Harrogate web site:-

    James Shepherd Versatile Brass - Reunion Concert - Brighouse Festival of Brass - Central Methodist Church, Brighouse, 7.30pm

    Anyone know how to get tickets and what the line up/programme might be


    Mark Davies
    Silk Brass
  2. Blossom

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    The Festival of Brass at Brighouse is organised by David Horsfield at Kirklees Music.
    Suggest you try them on 01484 722855 or there may be have something on their website www.kirkleesmusic.co.uk
  3. satchmo101

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    Brilliant, will try these out.


  4. tubafran

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    When is it? - couldn't find it on IBEW, didn't know when to look. I think Billy Rushworth might be playing as he'd mentioned at a BBSBB rehearsal that he was enjoying playing with them.
  5. SuperCat

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    Its at the beginning of July, it might be on Saturday 5th ish - around the same time of the march contest.
  6. axleman

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    You will get tickets from kirklees music and the concert is on friday 4 July
  7. marchris6047

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    A fantastic concert, Well worth the money :)

    well done guys!!
  8. adrian90s

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    have a place in La Mata (Torrevieja) Spain, Imagine my suprise when i found out the local Brass bands conductor was Gordon Higginbottom. Anyway, I went for a blow and was made really welcome.

    Adrian Nurney Solo Euph. Yorkshire Imps.
  9. James Shepherd Versatile Brass Reunion Concert

    I had the great pleasure of attending the concert to mark the 30th anniverary of the Australian Tour by The Jim Shepherd Versatile Brass. What an experience it was!

    The show was a fabulous mixture of live music from almost all the original group, archive film footage, and interviews with a number of musicians, composers and arrangers who were connected with the JSVB over the years.

    My only regret is that it is unlikely that the boys will ever repeat the show, because even with a combined age going towards four figures, they could still fill major concert venues and bring pleasure to thousands of music lovers around the world.

    The evening, (like the tour all those years ago), was conducted and hosted by Frank Renton who as usual did a super job, and it was heartwarming to see that some of todays current playing luminaries of the banding world, (Richard Marshall, Billy Rushworth to name a couple), were there in the audience to enjoy an evening featuring these true pioneers and superstars of the brass movement.

    Thank you to The Brighouse Lions for organising such a memorable event.

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