Jaguar accept late invitation to Masters

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  1. Darren Lea

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    The Jaguar (Coventry) Band is extremely pleased to be able to accept a late invitation to compete at the All England Masters International Competition held this coming Sunday.

    "It is a great honour to be asked to compete at the masters and the band did not hesitate to agree to take part when we received the call from Philip Biggs." states Band Manager Simon Archer. "It is however extremely short notice giving us less than two weeks to prepare rehearsals and the obvious logistics that go with such an event. Members of the band have dropped everything and re-arranged their diaries in order for them to take part; such is the commitment of our players. We of course acknowledge the sacrifice that their families also make to allow this to happen and wish to thank them all."

    The invitation to play at the Masters follows on from intense rehearsals for the Senior Cup in Blackpool where the band was awarded third place and the best soloist prize.

    Dave Lea, Musical Director commented “although rehearsal time is extremely limited, we are 110% focused on our performance of this new commission by Martin Ellerby. I wish to thank all the players and their families for the commitment shown”.
  2. Very brave. Congratulations and the best of luck.
  3. Has someone withdrawn?If so who?
  4. willebrooke i think
  5. Masterblaster jnr

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    If they produce a performance like at blackpool, lets hope they get a similar result. Best of Luck.
  6. cornetblower

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    Great opportunity. Best of luck.

  7. grandad

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    Speaking as a wife of one of your players - "no worries - I like the peace and quiet!":) Good luck to you in such a short space of time.:clap:
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    Whoops! that message is from me not Him^^^
    Went straight on to TMP from my e-mails and didn`t notice that he had been on there before me. Sorry:redface:
  9. Di

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    That'll be 100 lines please Madam Mezzy! You can hand them in to me at Cambridge. ;):tongue:

    Good luck to the band. :tup

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