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    Here it is, the new Jagrins Subscription Service. By subscribing to this new service you will have the opportunity to receive the highest calibre music, correctly presented, edited and printed to the highest quality (don’t just take our word for it - feel free to have a look at the testimonials on our website) - complete with glossy full colour covers and all at specially reduced prices. At the same time, the Band or any registered member of the Band will be entitled to offers on books, recording costs for making your own CD, music from other publishers, instruments, programmes, tickets, advertising leaflets…………… the list is endless.

    Are you thinking: This is too good to be true? Well, it is definitely available!

    If you’re at all interested, skeptical or even just intrigued by this innovation, then visit our website at www.jagrins.com and follow the link to Subscription Service or send us an email to info@jagrins.com and we will send you a free catalogue (with sound-bite CD) along with an information pack, recording of the Piece of the Month and an application form.

    What is also great about this is that in addition to all the offers available through your participation in this scheme, Jagrins will also contribute 5% of your subscription back to theMouthPiece - so you will be supporting your favourite brass discussion site tMP to boot!!!

    Simply hand-write tMP 013 on your application form (or for on-line orders, enter the code in ‘add special instructions to seller’).

    Please note that the free Christmas Music offer deadline is extended to tMPers until Friday 30th November 2007.

    Can you afford for you or your Band to miss out on this amazing opportunity, if not, contact us now!

    Gareth & Gavin Pritchard
    JAGRINS Music Publications
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    Just a quick reminder to you all that this is the last couple of days for you to be able to take up the free Christmas Piece offer on our Subscription Service.

    For more info, just visit www.jagrins.com

    JAGRINS Music Publications