JAGRINS Subscription Service (Christmas has come early) Offer

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  1. Gavin

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    JAGRINS Subscription Service (Christmas has come early) Offer

    Please note that this offer will expire on 30th November 2008 and we will contribute 5% to theMouthPiece.com of any Subscription taken out by a member (just quote TMP13).

    So, Subscribe before the end of November and you will receive the following:

    ‘Conquest’ by Neil Bowden (‘Start-up Piece’) worth £ 27.50 plus £ 3.00 p+p = £ 30.50
    • Any other piece of your choice up to the value of £ 22.50 plus £ 3.00 p+p = £ 25.50
    ‘Jingle Away with Joy’ Arr. Gavin Pritchard (November ‘Piece of the Month’) worth
    £ 22.50 plus £ 3.00 p+p = £ 25.50
    • Any other Christmas piece of your choice worth £ 22.50 plus £ 3.00 p+p = £ 25.50

    An introductory offer worth £ 107.00 (more than 50% of an annual Gold Subscription)

    With at least another 11 pieces (for Gold Subscription) worth a minimum of £200 plus p+p and 5 pieces (for Silver Subscription) worth a minimum of £100 plus p+p to come over the next 11 months and that’s without all the other benefits available, how can you afford to miss out?

    If you are still unsure, don’t just trust us, this is what one of our subscribers has to say:

    Richard Graves, our Conductor, gave me the information about your Subscription Service, but with me being an accountant I was very sceptical about paying out £200 for, what was for us, an untried service. However, Richard had in his possession a ‘corker’ of a piece from your catalogue, Conquest composed by Neil Bowden. I was still not 100% convinced but when we also had the choice of any other piece in the catalogue free of charge, I took the bait. The value of this music alone represented more than 25% of the annual subscription and that’s without taking into account the discounts available on other publisher’s music and all the other potential savings too!
    I thoroughly recommend this service to anyone. The editing of the music is 2nd to none and it arrives well packaged with glossy full colour covered scores. The quality of printing and paper in both score and parts is unrivalled.
    Thank you Gareth for the innovation of this project and I am glad to see you have enrolled Darrol Barry (as well as Goff Richards) as one of your composers.

    Alan Pearce (Watford Band)

    If you are at all interested at all in this service, contact us using any of the contact details below and we’ll send you a Subscription Service Pack by return of post.

    JAGRINS Music Publications
    14 St. Johns Drive, Ton Pentre
    Rhondda Cynon Taff, S. Wales, CF41 7EU
    Tel: 01443 433618 (24hr Answer Phone)
    Email: info@jagrins.com
  2. dyl

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    Just a quick note to support this service. We've benefitted from Jagrins subscription for a few months now, and it's great to have so many new pieces to try out.

    It's been good to get a couple of new Christmas pieces to blow this year too!

    Cheers Gavin.

    Ps. Don't forget that tMP will benefit from any subscriptions taken out by a tMP member. :tup
  3. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    And also not forgetting that members also get discounts with us ;)


    New music, supporting tMP and cheaper recordings......what more could a Band ask for??
  4. Gavin

    Gavin Supporting Member

    Only 4 days to go!!!
  5. alanbry

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    Watford Band have just received the Christmas subscription piece of Jingle all the Way - excellent arrangement. For our bonus piece we chose 12 Days of Christmas - the traditionalists may hate this arrangement but we loved it.

    Thank you Gareth and his team for providing this service and for having excellent composers and arrangers on your team.

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